Wanderers / Light Bringers


What is a Wanderer?

This section is going to discuss Wanderers, or ‘Light Bringers’. What are these you might ask? As I understand it, these are entities who have lived lifetimes past third density previously, and thus have previously learned the ways of love, and have come into the earth’s current third density cycle to spread love/light, to raise the vibration of the planet. They have often come to be of aid to others to further in service-to-others or positive polarity. Note that these are just entities like anyone else, and being a wanderer does not make anyone more ‘special’ than another. I have done much seeking regarding this, but there is also physical evidence which is available if you connect the dots together as to why the world seems to have moved forward so much in the past century.

Some wanderer souls begun to come to this current third density cycle early on, thousands of years ago, although with most of them arriving within the past century, close to the ending of the current cycle. An example of some of these may be some of the famous prophets who taught love. This will explain many of the positive changes happening on the planet at present. Ever wondered why we have come forward miles since the industrial revolution in technology, recognition of human rights issues, better understanding of basic needs and the need to help others? Some may be system busters, others may be simply people who work in humanitarian efforts, others still help to build new systems of higher vibrations.

This is a mere byproduct in my opinion based on research of increased planetary vibrations, seeded by wanderers. This is also why diagnosis of mental disorders has become common in the world, often among many wanderers. Third Density which is the current density we are in, catalyst is typically physical / emotional, to learn the lessons of love. In fourth density, which is love/understanding, catalyst is mental and as such, manifests as mental illness at times. The harsher vibrations of here play a significant factor in this as well. A background on the densities of spiritual evolution is here.

What are the symptoms of being a wanderer?

There is manifestation in a wanderer who has gone through the forgetting due to the third density veils sense of alienation which may be intense, they may feel like they come from the stars, or never fit in and feel like the world is an alien place. These are often the ‘oddballs’ in schools. They may even sometimes manifest with the likes of Bi Polar/Personality Disorder/Autism Spectrum or similar.

They may feel a pull to ‘change’ the world in a positive way, often without violence. They may come across as intensely loving/compassionate. Often you may see this in their eyes. Many would give the clothes off their back to help others. Often they chose to incarnate into poorer backgrounds to invoke compassion.

Not all do this however, I grew up in a reasonably well off family and always wondered why all others could not have this and would often give stuff away to others and give my time to others.

Other Symptoms may range from ESP/Psychic abilities which have or have not yet been tapped, or paranormal interest. Some may have NDEs or spontaneous OBE experiences, or research such. Mine was a combination of these two points that caused me to begin seeking.


Wanderers who are reading this may find this information strikes a chord. There has been wide discussions on the phenomenon of wanderers, and the rapid advance in the current century seems to support this. Some, like my partner before meeting would star gaze for hours and hours, feeling a pull to them for reasons unknown with an inner knowing.

My Wanderer Awakening

From before my remembering, I myself have here, a writing I did when I was 5 years old, describing going to other planets and playing with aliens, before any such concept was known. I always felt a pull for love, and when I was 9, i wrote in my dreams for the world in school no bombs/guns, and that all refugees regardless of country had clean food/water.

I had many ‘cues’ to attempt to seek before from my Aunt showing me pendulum and other spiritual discussions and even discussed wanderers, but this was misunderstood by my younger 12 year old self, although I showed an intense interest.

I would be a hyper child, and was prescribed the compound known as Ritalin at the age of 4. I turned from a bubbly hyper child, to a negative, emotionally dull child who begun to self harm, and had fantasies about committing suicide. My mother saw red instantly and removed the medication and saw that good parenting with Love.

You can read more about my path on the About Jacob page. I grew up having everything I needed, and felt all should have this. I would defend the underdog in schools, and went through periods of intense school bullying myself, until i had penetrated the forgetting at the age of 14, remembering and finding my spiritual group. I would spend my school break times and even class times talking with my spiritual group concealing my primitive smartphone inside my textbooks; and attempting to refine spirit guide communication and meditation during classes. I would pass my exams, apart from Art and Math. I had an interest in science.

I did past life regression, and begun to learn how to balance the chakras, use the third eye, and connect to spirit and also how to do energetic ‘housekeeping’. This last part is what caused the key positive changes to my energy and mental state that snowballed from that point into more positive changes.

I felt a good blend of the logical/abstract mind was crucial, and actually had great interest in conventional and quantum physics. I find many aspects of spirituality/science blend in with one another. If you go too far to the abstract route, your head ends up in the clouds, but if you end up too far on the logical route, your mind becomes closed as you feel nothing else but your logic is correct, removing the ability to learn from abstract catalyst, emotions being abstract.

I was able to overcome the difficulty of social isolation and many of the other difficult traits due to self-determination, and an understanding that we are here for a purpose and that we have a whole team behind us. My only difficulties left is: Extreme sensitivity to fabrics/sound/noise, temperature, etc. I was able to acquire mobility and went from 14 being a withdrawn child, to 15 getting trains up/down the country, to flying round the world at 19.

Many of these wanderers had carried out previous third, fourth, and fifth density and even sixth density lives on other spheres outside of the solar system, with a few having graduated on this sphere or in this solar system. I myself, and my partner and Kelly have previous experience of Density  number #4.

My mother, who passed away from a brain Aneyrism predicted her own death, stating she had done her contracted life and that she would leave suddenly. Aneyrism ruptured six months later resulting in the sudden death. She was very intuitive and believed in the Law Of Attraction. She along with my Aunty as far as I know had previous history at Density #5, and returned to that at the end of her life, with a service to others according to my guides of 68%. Most of my family on my mother’s side have always felt like a ‘soul group’. I feel the same way about my own spiritual soul group. Often wanderers come in groups. The same applies to my own fourth density clan. I highly suspect my mother was one of our fifth density teachers.

My mother spent so much of her lifetime helping others and remained positive even under intense pressure. My mother had contracted to Assist me in my early growth as a Wanderer and would discuss my spirituality with me, while also working as a full time state-enrolled nurse.  My aunt had many dreams of continually trying to return to a planet resembling Amythyst in crystal caves but is told she must stay here and finish her work.

To any wanderers who are reading this, you are not alone. You are here to perform a service on planet earth. To any non-wanderer human native souls who are reading this, hello and welcome, may you have a positive journey on your path to polarization and enjoy reading the contents of this site too.

The reason we are here is to help others who are able to polarize positive, be given the nudges to assist them and to bring light. To polarize positively requires trust and faith, and best of all, an open heart or a willingless to try and open your heart.

Wanderers and Mental Anguish

Note, that wanderers who come here have a bias towards helping and an easier ability to penetrate the forgetting, but the forgetting is still there. It is possible and it can often (not always) happens that wanderers may get pulled into things such as alcoholism, or manifest serious mental disorder, etc. As the problems have a spiritual as well as physical cause, current medicine is limited in my opinion but has been of assistance in some cases. Spiritual work and dedication can be used to assist, often with a combination of modern medicine and spiritual work.

I have observed many wanderer friends and many others of my age group on Anti-Depressant medication. I have seen anti-depressants in particular do much more harm than good in my wanderer friends, including inducing suicide attempts and psychosis, but on the flip side, in a couple of cases, actually were of assistance in short to medium term usage. Every physical vehicle is unique and will respond to pharmaceuticals differently, and it is not in the business of drug companies to not sell their drug!

It seems like in my opinion Anti-Depressants have been dished out like sweets in modern society, addressing a symptom, but not the cause in many (not all cases), and in many cases may dull empathy. At worst, induce psychosis. It is vital that one attempts to spend time in meditation or contemplation and other therapy and try and see if any life situations are causing the mental state, instead of being given drugs. i would also STRONGLY SUGGEST using some of the psychic cleansing/protection routines mentioned as well, as clearing energetic debris and even attached entities which attempt to feed off of negative emotions via the mind can sincerely help from my observations. I would sincerely explore all avenues both spiritual and via therapy with your healthcare professional before attempting to take these medications in my opinion. Use your discernment and seek multiple advice from healthcare professionals, your loved ones, and your intuition and research.

DISCLAIMER: I do not claim to be a qualified medical professional, and this information/observation is not medical advice. If you want this, you must seek advice from your doctor/healthcare professional. If you are on the medications, do not stop it without discussing it with your healthcare professional.

To any of you going through difficulty, as I have said, you are not alone, and I hope you can feel at home here. If you are feeling anguish, you may wish if you feel it is appropriate under your free will, to look up our energetic housekeeping page.


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