The Seven Levels / Densities

Hello my fellow brothers and sisters, this page is going to discuss the seven levels of spiritual evolution, as I understand them and based on my research and learnings from my own spirit guides. I have made it a mission to find out as much about these as possible in human language, so we know where we are on our path, and what potentially is to come. This is information i offer as I know it and understand it, and i will also place references in this material. Note that under free will, it is your call weather to accept/reject/discern information as you see fit. I will use the Law Of One to reference much of this material, although I have heavily researched some of this myself and discovered much of the information from spirit with my spiritual circle before coming across the law of one material. I will discuss my findings. I typically use discernment with channeled material, even the Law Of One, as no entity is infallible.

What makes the law of one stand out for me, is the deep trance state the channel (Carla) was placed into, the scientific approach taken by Don Elkins, the timing of it (1981), and the fact I had learned some of what was in here from my own spiritual guidance team before I read it which is why i was so awestruck to find it in that sort of specific matching detail, and learned much from this material as well.

The highly positive nature of the channel is also another thing which drew me to this material. I may note here that to gain positive channeling, you must be pure of heart completely devoted to the service to others of love, and not be doing it for ego reasons.

I will begin by describing the seven densities/levels. Out of all Densities, only third density has the veiling. The opportunity for those entities to graduate who are ready to the next density is based upon the free-will choices of the entity, with no right/wrong path back to the creator in my opinion. The conditions for graduation open up in a cycle which is as precise as a clock striking the hour.


All events in our lives are ‘catalyst’ to aid in the graduation to the next density. Catalyst is an event that is aimed to help an entity choose either positive or negative in the case of this density, or to propel the entity into further learning of it’s respective density.

An example of catalyst could be as simple as seeing a homeless person; you are presented with the chance to help (positive), not acknowledge (neutral, unpolarized), or humiliate them for your own enjoyment (negative).

For more information on this, see the full catalyst page.

First Density

First Density, which I will describe as the foundation density, is also symbolic of the red-ray chakra in some ways. First density is where a planet has begun to leave the ‘timeless’ state. It seems that creation runs in like a cycle, with the seven densities looping, with the eighth density being the first density of the next musical ‘octave’, if you treat the densities like a musical scale. This density is where you have the four elements earth/rock, air, fire, water. These are the beginnings of consciousness moving from a timeless into a time-based state. This was also mentioned in the Ra material from the law of one, which was channelled in 1981. The Ra social memory complex of entities mentions this is where a planet begins to ‘unroll it’s scroll of livingness’. Crystals and other rocks would come under this density. This density is estimated to take 2 billion years of space/time by the Ra group. I have not asked my own guidance this information on the timing, but it makes sense looking at the beginnings of photosynthesis and complex life during this planets history here.

Second Density

Second density is known as the ‘growth’ density. This is where life begins to take on more complex forms. Often hive minds are present at this density. This density is your bacteria, plants, insects, trees, and pack animals, etc. Consciousness is becoming more aware, but not yet ‘self’ aware as an individual.  This density on average lasted 4.6 billion years.

An interesting example of graduation from second to third density may be an example of a pet such as a cat or dog. You invest in this entity and offer it the catalyst needed to begin to become self-aware. This is not the only way of graduation, but having a pet can greatly aid the entity in this. You may notice some animals like certain cats/dogs seem to have higher levels of sentience than other animals from its group, these may be Third Density or Second Density, and i seem to find you can often tell this by perceptions of how advanced the animal seems in its awareness.

Third Density

The current level that we are incarnate into. This is the density known as the ‘choice’. You have an individual self at this point. Third density is one of the shortest densities, with a cycle approximately 75,000 years in space/time. This density is an oddity compared to the others, due to the veiling process. This is where a veil is placed between the conscious and subconscious mind, with all memories of past lives, and where we all come from ‘forgotten’ up until physical death of the entity, unless the entity chooses of it’s own free will to seek beyond the veil. The veiling was designed so the choice which will be discussed in the next paragraph be done with high ‘charge’ as you would truly ‘mean’ the choice from your heart.

The primary purpose of this density as I understood it from childhood, was to choose positive or negative, later confirmed by the law of one material. The path of positivity, or service-to-others, requires at least 51% of your thoughts, actions and deeds be to serve, and love another. These entities who are ready will stand out among others as being radiant, these are the kind people you never seem to forget, who touch a chord within you when you meet them. They need not be fully spiritually aware per se, as long as their heart is open.

The path of negativity, or service to self, is the opposite pole of the magnet so to speak. This is where you are self serving to near totality. This condition was not apparent before any veiling process, as you understand the interconnectedness between all things. The service to self percentage must reach according to the Ra group around 95%.

The above choice if chosen and lived to the criteria above, result in graduation from third density. Those who have not chosen are ‘unpolarized’ and thus will repeat lifetime after lifetime. No path is the ‘correct’ one, for this is up to the entity to decide.

Fourth Density

This density is known as the density of love/understanding of self. This density is where you become a seeker on the level of love and understanding. This is where a group will form something called a ‘social memory complex’. This is hard to quantify in language, but from my information, meeting fourth density entities on spirit travels in their native lands, and reading the law of one material, social memory complex appears to be some kind of shared universal mind, an entity having it’s own self, but a shared group mind as part of one of the mind levels.

Almost like each entity is a unique entity all connected to this group memory able to access the mind and experiences of others in the group to use. So any fourth density wanderer for example will in their experience benefit the entire social memory complex, as will any use of catalyst. This would also negate the need for technology like the telephone.

The fourth density has been described by the entity Dazna to myself as ‘learning the book of the self’. This can be done in a positive/negative context depending on polarity chosen in Third Density, although with effort it is possible to switch polarity.

An interesting observation is how Dazna who is close to the beginning of fourth density found the idea of Wisdom absurd. The idea of universal love and compassion is seen as absurd at third density in its early and only in middle of third density is it seen as important by an entity. This seems to support that the idea of graduation requirements to be learned is seen as absurd early in a density.

On average, fourth density evolution may take approximately 30 million equivalent human years of space/time it seems.

Fifth Density

Fifth Density, is the density of wisdom, or light. This is where you are aiming to learn the lessons of wisdom. This density can be learned as an individual entity, or as a social memory complex. I cannot find words to describe this Density or those above them to any significant degree.

Sixth Density

This is the density of unity where love and wisdom are merged together and harmonized. This is also where the service-to-self (negative) path can go no further it seems based on my research. How can you begin to become unified with all when you are at the far end of the negative separated pole? At this density, the polarities both become harmonized, positive and negative do not exist as seperate anymore.

It seems a social memory complex is the format of Sixth Density. According to the Sixth Density Ra group, the cycle is 75 million human years, equivalent. The higher self also resides in mid-sixth density, left there by the evolved self to assist the previous self.

Seventh Density

Seventh Density is where all becomes one with the divine creator source that we all are. This is the density that when completed seems to end up as timelessness and foreverness. This forms the end of an ‘octave’. This no longer required a space/time incarnation. Little is known or possible to be understood about this density from our veiled perspective.

Eighth Density / First Density

Eighth Density is the beginning of the next octave’s firth density. This was described by the Ra group, but this supports the theory of a circle having no beginning; and i was shown divine creator source breathing in/out over and over.




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