Information overload, Spiritual growth, Synaptic Fatigue

I will say that before I begin, it is your free will to make of this information what you will. Discard what does not help you, take in what does. This is no substitute for going to a doctor about any problems you may have!

Last night, I was doing some personal path work regarding events in my life currently in meditation, and Ralpsa came through with some interesting information.

It has been my understanding for a long time that the human brain or the brain of any organism is simply a processor for the physical vehicle, it processes information.

I have attempted to work out about the brain and its effect on personality based on changes you can make yourself to the information the brain is getting for a long time for the spirit/soul holds everything that you ever were, have been, and are as well as the potentials of what you could be, but while in a body the brain is a key important part of your processing of information in this realm.

My spirit guide came up with an interesting piece of information and I was shown a visualization. I later, when I woke up today looked up about tired synapses, and came up with the phenomenon of Synaptic Fatigue.

The picture that was shown there was almost identical to what I was shown during this session, no chemicals at the sending neuron left.

I have come to a conclusion, especially after this session that endlessly reading news, the web, social media or too much of a certain thing contributes to this. What do people do when they wake up? Check their phone and social media. What do they do on the way to work? Listen to the radio or news. What do they do at work? Listen to all office banter/process information, do work, maybe in a noisy environment.

What do they do when they get home? Do dinner and watch the evening news or netflix. What do they do before bed? Read a novel or read something. Where was the quiet time for the mind?

It seems like based on what my spirit guide told me, this overload can tire synapses. I was curious as i found after long periods of time on the computer reading stuff, I found I can become irritable and my empathy was ‘dulled’, memory can also be affected, all aspects of your personality can be affected.

The brain and neurons are constantly being energised and used, no quiet time, no rest time, eventually it seems the synapses may ‘run out’ of neurotransmitters to send or not be able to send messages as efficiently and need time to ‘recharge’ with neurotransmitters again.

This is also why drug use often has a comedown period, you overload the synapses with neurotransmitters.

The below information was channeled at 3AM, GMT +8, Philippines time, this is an abridged version; everything regarding the question and information on the brain and session closing is present, but the personal life questions before have been omitted. My comments are in astreks (*). Note they often have difficulty with human language. Also note recently I have had a very real problem of internet addiction that I am trying to combat. Note this channeling was before I looked up on synaptic fatigue.

*Session Begins*

Question: So what has been causing me to feel like I am ‘out of the loop’, I am out of the loop.

Ralpsa: There is a phenomenon that you are probably most vulnerable to, how does your mind work? It works by absorbing and clarifying information.

What have you been doing more than anything else right now? Overloading yourself with information. In this world of information, information overload can cause a great great problem.

Without that time to recharge away from information overload, you prevent the proper flow of energy, not just on the spiritual realm but also on your physical body. The human brain is not equipped to deal with that amount of information, not in the way it is produced, it is a distraction.

The synapses if you could call them a synapse the little gap you know, the neuron, in particular the receiving neurons are energized, are almost ‘charged’ by the sending neuron. When information is given in great numbers, your mind is working overtime, that is your brain, and it grows tired. Synapses grow ‘tired’. They don’t, they don’t what you would call fail but they become tired, or ‘burned out’, but not in the way you would understand burned out. Please stand by.

*I was shown the sending neuron running out of ‘chemicals’ to send, if they are transmitted faster than they can flow back*

*This phenomenon is known in science as Reuptake*

*A few seconds passed after this vision Session was interrupted by my phone vibrating, it was difficult to reorient myself*

Ralpsa: The synapses in the human brain, require a certain amount of energy to recharge. From the meals you eat, from the spiritual realm, wherever your inpourings of energy may appear. They require time to recharge, very important in fact is this phenomenon, you read and overload yourself with information you prevent that time. It can also cause problematic dreams, the information is transient and of very little purpose but to confuse. Especially in your lifestyles of information that overloads your synapses. This will also cause problems with the ability to spiritually express.

Me: So this does cause a physical reason, is this why mental health problems are so prevalent?

Ralpsa: No. Not quite, although it will compound any problems, certainly. The main reason as to why this is a problem abo..

*I interrupt ral*

Me: Do we still have enough energy to continue?

Ralpsa: Yes, so.

Me: Are you of the light?

Ralpsa:¬† Yes. Now the energy… the energy levels that you

*Break in trance state*

Ralpsa: So…

Ralpsa: The energy levels is to… what you would… no

Me: How long has this information overload been going on?

*Silence as I deepen my state*

Ralpsa: Since the time period known to the victorian era. Maybe a bit before that, we do not work well with time in your realm.

Ralpsa: But… no. Before the industrial revolution. The printing press was probably the first indication, but before that you had town meetings, that would constantly overload… well not overload, it was the start of having to deal with the problems of everyone else, but never having the time for yourself, though it was only when the television became an invention and the television does have many positive uses as well, sit and overload your brain with information and you will be tired. Find that balance, and this also applies to any other information that you may give the brain. Not just facts, you are thinking facts, but we are talking about any information.

Me: Do you come in love and light?

Ralpsa: Of course.

Me: So what note do we end on?

Ralpsa: That it has been an honor and a privilege to communicate with you as it always is. Brother, all will be well. Trust that.

Me: Anything I can affirm as I fall asleep?

Ralpsa: How about… may I reconnect with myself.

Me: May i reconnect with myself… (x3) Just like that?

Ralpsa: Now given the fact i have given you this information, something else is not too impressed that I have given it. So when we close, we will call upon our highest most appropriate divine guardians and protectors.

Ralpsa: I love you

Me: Love you

*Session closes*

My conclusion is that quiet/meditation time is important, away from any distractions for at least one to two hours a day, maybe more if you have the time. More spiritual digging seemed to show me that meditation/relaxation away from information sources are a great way to combat this problem, and it will help you in probably more ways than we realize. I certainly will take the advice on board.

Reflection, Meditation, Self-Forgiveness

The mind, body, spirit and brain is an amazing thing. Your consciousness firing it’s way through a network of complex nerves and neurons. Linked to the body by forces that words cannot explain, behind a veil of forgetting that is life in third density.

Sometimes though the mind, can get a bit, shall we say, hectic. Life takes over, catalyst is being received at a high rate and needs to be processed, sometimes we may get wrapped up in life events sometimes. Even I sometimes forget that we are here to give a positive response to catalyst and get caught up in it. This is when we should in my opinion meditate.

Meditation is one of those things that people associate with simply ‘blanking’ the mind. But it can be so much more than that. Meditation to me comes in different levels and forms, i will go through the stages and types of meditation that can be used for self-help and even helping the wider universe.

  1. Relaxation – This is the stage where you just chill out. You may relax on a chair, close your eyes. Sometimes put some music on but do not actively do anything. This is the state you often seek after a day’s work. But what if it could go deeper?
  2. Reflection – This is where you observe thoughts going through your mind. You feel the catalyst of the day. Why couldn’t we save that mother on the operating table today? How is the homeless man who i gave change to? Why have my kids been so hard to handle today? Why is the bank hounding me for money? How, why, when, where? You process and reflect upon these thoughts, and attempt to release self-judgement from them, that you did your best in the situation. You can simply envision them melting away or dissolving into light. You may imagine these thoughts being filed away.
  3. Light Meditation – This is where you begin to quiet the mind, after acknowledging what you need to knowledge. You slowly begin to feel yourself letting go of attachment, whatever the day’s stresses have bought you, this is the time to let go of that, for this time is sacred.
  4. Moderate Meditation – Your mind is now quiet. You may chose to stay in a state of quiet in this state. For an adept, this is the state you can begin to communicate with spirit or focus on a goal. This is also the state where you could also focus on the goal of forgiving self and others for perceived wrongdoings. Sending out this intention can help. This is also the time when you may begin to pierce the veil of forgetting quite clearly, if you direct the will in this way, the will to seek.
  5. Deep Meditation / Trance – This is for the adept, where you have almost shut off the mind/body, or is a state where you may access states such as out of body projection or deep trance channeling or whatever else you would do, or just feel at one with the universe. A state of total stillness and silence may be achieved from this state.

Meditation is a very powerful tool, from focusing on a goal and by putting that energy out into the universe may help it come to fruition, to sending healing to a situation (helping wider consciousness in the process) or forgiveness.

Forgiveness of both self and others is crucial due to the fact that holding a grudge against self or others¬† for a perceived wrongdoing is detrimental to one’s spiritual health. Focusing the will on forgiveness, or even asking your spiritual guides/god/deity or whoever you most have an affinity with according to your beliefs to help you forgive both self and others for anything that is concerning you can be a great help. Not holding a grudge feels so good. Forgiving the day’s catalyst. Trying to direct thoughts to a loving standpoint.

Meditation can be used to train the mind, body, and spirit to the direction/polarity you want in your life. From a light meditation contemplating thoughts or allowing the creator / your deity / loved ones who have passed on / the light or whatever else you feel into your awareness, to moderate meditation for adept spiritual work, etc it is entirely up to the person.

Forgiveness i think has been easiest for me to approach in a state of light/moderate meditation, and this article has more been focused on forgiveness.

If you wish to use the meditative state to hold a goal, also known to some as ‘asking the universe’ or sending the intention out to begin it’s growth, meditation is a great tool at focusing the will and keeping the mind and our physical brains and our mind/spirits which can only handle so much disorder, back into alignment. Reflection/Acknowledgement of thoughts is also a crucial step in my opinion, not just trying to push it away and pretend it hasn’t been a thought. If it is then something you may not have felt best to think, forgive self and others who may have contributed directly/indirectly to the offending thoughts. Then focus on replacing the offending thoughts with love.

Love is ultimately the key, to love all people and things. We all have our own way to get there, and we sometimes need a retreat that is meditation to help us reorder the mind and realign our internal compass to our chosen direction.



The Spiritual Elements and The Scientific States Of Matter

This will be a very short blog post. It is mentioned about the beginnings of first density which is also our foundation density, regarding the elements. These are treated in many spiritual cultures such as paganism and Hinduism and many others as four spiritual elements.

Earth, Air, Fire, Water.

I had a thought, about the scientific states of matter:

Solid, Gas, Plasma, Liquid

Fire that is much hotter than your average fire will ionize molecules, as on stars. Some fire is debated by some as a weak plasma, depending on temperature, and can be found as lightning and intense flames.

It is a short, sweet blog post. Those spiritual practitioners of old had much more in common with what we class as modern science than many think.

Both Logical(Scientific) and Abstract halves of the mind have a role to play, and both can be unified and harmonized, I believe.

I am guessing that is what happens ultimately at sixth density and what we can work on, accepting the viewpoints of all.

This revelation isn’t surprising, given that we are all woven from the same cloth!