Two Souls United Once More

So it has been quite a long time, yet seems like no time at all. Since entering third density cycle in the time of Atlantis, 10,000 years plus of space/time ago that I am united in physical body with this beautiful soul. We have been sat at 4AM in the kitchen of a hotel in the Philippines. Jet-Lag is fun in this case.

Incarnation in third density is not without risk, that the forgetting can result in you somehow getting trapped in the third density cycle. This is indeed what happened here, confirmed from multiple sources concerning me and this soul. He was part of my fourth-density social memory complex.

The separation was intense mental catalyst for Ian as we discovered during a Channelling Session of April 2 this year (to be uploaded), who chose to incarnate in third-density in an effort to help me open my heart and achieve service to others; this was a planned meeting to happen at the right time. This is something we are both consciously aware of. As it happens, I had already gone pretty far towards service to others, and now we can both spend the next few years melding together and then entering into active service on a wider scale, in the meantime being of service to others and the one creator on smaller projects and with each other.

One of the first things I learned about this beautiful soul was how he has given during times of poverty his last meal to someone else; he always has focused on this aspect, of course that drew my interest like a moth to a flame, at the time I was in full awareness of the service to others path and attempting to polarize further towards the positive, I have spent my entire spiritual path attempting to do just that since the age of 14.

There is no one way to be of service to others, but to simply love, live and help others in whatever way you see fit, in 51% or greater of your thoughts, actions and deeds. This does not mean you don’t need leisure time also!

Typical of fourth-density, both of us have an abounding compassion for others. I have learned more wisdom, where he has a more pure expression of the green-ray. For me and him are in many ways helping balance each other out regarding extreme compassion and wisdom. These experiences we can have in third density can help set a foundation for fifth-density work.

Taking a fourth-density or higher wanderer into third density will increase the potency of many lessons manifold, many thousands of years of lifetimes can be compacted into a single lifetime worth of lessons in third density if you penetrate the forgetting, primarily due to the veiling.

No experience will be as potent as this. I love and adore this soul, and what greater act of self-sacrifice than to come into this density to help me out of it (at the time, I am aware this was 3 lifetimes ago). And also to be of service to others. And then be able to penetrate the forgetting, nicely.

We left some food at the restaurant, the first idea he had was to take the remains out to a beggar lady who promptly begun to devour it. This is the level of service to others, of this soul.

Now, for us both to be of service to the one creator, lets live, and love!

The Beginning

What is a beginning? What is an end?

There is no beginning, and there is no end.

All is one, one is all.

Let’s love and live, live and love.

In the love of all things,

The Love Of The One Creator.