Reflection, Meditation, Self-Forgiveness

The mind, body, spirit and brain is an amazing thing. Your consciousness firing it’s way through a network of complex nerves and neurons. Linked to the body by forces that words cannot explain, behind a veil of forgetting that is life in third density.

Sometimes though the mind, can get a bit, shall we say, hectic. Life takes over, catalyst is being received at a high rate and needs to be processed, sometimes we may get wrapped up in life events sometimes. Even I sometimes forget that we are here to give a positive response to catalyst and get caught up in it. This is when we should in my opinion meditate.

Meditation is one of those things that people associate with simply ‘blanking’ the mind. But it can be so much more than that. Meditation to me comes in different levels and forms, i will go through the stages and types of meditation that can be used for self-help and even helping the wider universe.

  1. Relaxation – This is the stage where you just chill out. You may relax on a chair, close your eyes. Sometimes put some music on but do not actively do anything. This is the state you often seek after a day’s work. But what if it could go deeper?
  2. Reflection – This is where you observe thoughts going through your mind. You feel the catalyst of the day. Why couldn’t we save that mother on the operating table today? How is the homeless man who i gave change to? Why have my kids been so hard to handle today? Why is the bank hounding me for money? How, why, when, where? You process and reflect upon these thoughts, and attempt to release self-judgement from them, that you did your best in the situation. You can simply envision them melting away or dissolving into light. You may imagine these thoughts being filed away.
  3. Light Meditation – This is where you begin to quiet the mind, after acknowledging what you need to knowledge. You slowly begin to feel yourself letting go of attachment, whatever the day’s stresses have bought you, this is the time to let go of that, for this time is sacred.
  4. Moderate Meditation – Your mind is now quiet. You may chose to stay in a state of quiet in this state. For an adept, this is the state you can begin to communicate with spirit or focus on a goal. This is also the state where you could also focus on the goal of forgiving self and others for perceived wrongdoings. Sending out this intention can help. This is also the time when you may begin to pierce the veil of forgetting quite clearly, if you direct the will in this way, the will to seek.
  5. Deep Meditation / Trance – This is for the adept, where you have almost shut off the mind/body, or is a state where you may access states such as out of body projection or deep trance channeling or whatever else you would do, or just feel at one with the universe. A state of total stillness and silence may be achieved from this state.

Meditation is a very powerful tool, from focusing on a goal and by putting that energy out into the universe may help it come to fruition, to sending healing to a situation (helping wider consciousness in the process) or forgiveness.

Forgiveness of both self and others is crucial due to the fact that holding a grudge against self or others  for a perceived wrongdoing is detrimental to one’s spiritual health. Focusing the will on forgiveness, or even asking your spiritual guides/god/deity or whoever you most have an affinity with according to your beliefs to help you forgive both self and others for anything that is concerning you can be a great help. Not holding a grudge feels so good. Forgiving the day’s catalyst. Trying to direct thoughts to a loving standpoint.

Meditation can be used to train the mind, body, and spirit to the direction/polarity you want in your life. From a light meditation contemplating thoughts or allowing the creator / your deity / loved ones who have passed on / the light or whatever else you feel into your awareness, to moderate meditation for adept spiritual work, etc it is entirely up to the person.

Forgiveness i think has been easiest for me to approach in a state of light/moderate meditation, and this article has more been focused on forgiveness.

If you wish to use the meditative state to hold a goal, also known to some as ‘asking the universe’ or sending the intention out to begin it’s growth, meditation is a great tool at focusing the will and keeping the mind and our physical brains and our mind/spirits which can only handle so much disorder, back into alignment. Reflection/Acknowledgement of thoughts is also a crucial step in my opinion, not just trying to push it away and pretend it hasn’t been a thought. If it is then something you may not have felt best to think, forgive self and others who may have contributed directly/indirectly to the offending thoughts. Then focus on replacing the offending thoughts with love.

Love is ultimately the key, to love all people and things. We all have our own way to get there, and we sometimes need a retreat that is meditation to help us reorder the mind and realign our internal compass to our chosen direction.



What Are We? Why Are We Here?

This is a topic that has been discussed many fold over millennia and will also be the first topic i discuss on my blog and group in detail. What are we? Where do we come from? What is our purpose? This is a question that many have sought to find the answer to, yet it has always relied on very little other than faith.

I can not give an answer as to ‘what we are’ as your free will will define that. Your viewpoints, your actions, the aspects of yourself that you choose to express. Note that you are free to accept/reject any information, take in what is useful to your personal path. I respect all paths, and think this is paramount.

I can give a basic understanding from my point of view, which is no different to any other. It is my understanding, that every single soul is a piece/part of the one infinite creator / an infinite consciousness/awareness, that seeks to know itself. Many different religions have given the same infinite creator it’s name.

For Christians, it is God, for Muslims it is Allah. I had spoken to some Hindu friends of mine, who told me that all the different deities they worshiped signified one aspect of the whole infinite creator. I have never followed a ‘fixed’ belief system created by someone else; as i wanted room to learn and expand as i went on my spiritual path. The closest spiritual belief system to my own would be classed as Paganism.

I see paganism as a ‘custom’ path, a way of life as you will find no two pagans with exactly the same set of belief systems and even those of many other religions are not of the same belief system exactly but merely trying to follow the teachings of a prophet towards love. I have made friends of many different religions, from Sikhs to Muslims, and i find many of these are alike in the wider aspects of their belief systems towards love/compassion.

Having a belief system to form your core understanding is not a negative thing, it just is. However, how you utilize your belief system in my opinion can have a big effect on the quality of your life in third density and even what polarity you may choose.

I speak of course, about the ability to accept opinions other than your own, and to respect the free will of others. The free will being a fundamental principle of the ability to polarize towards the positive and respect of it. For example, using religious belief to love others, empower, and respect others regardless of belief system would be classed as positive in my opinion and will build up positive polarity. Using it to control, show how better your religion is compared to someone else, and use it to justify restricting freedom of others in a form of self-righteousness, will be a stepping stone to building up negative polarity.

A religion is a set of ‘base’ belief systems, a similar orientation or seeking. Based on my research, it is my opinion that religions all attempted to communicate the same message, that we are all love, and all one with the creator and that we should see the creator in everyone else, not just ourselves. It seems like we dedicate our spiritual path to seeking intelligent infinity/the one infinite creator/god/allah/the light.

So to get down to it? What are we? In my opinion, we are one with all and everything. We are an aspect of the one infinite creator, which seeks to know itself. These are also the words spoken by the entity Ra, though a channel in 1981. It rings true with what I have figured out from my own perspective is this: Every single entity is a part of the creator. Doing positive actions, you also do positive to yourself, the same applying to negative.

See your best friend? See the creator. See your lover? See the creator. See your school professor or boss? See the creator. See a beggar in the street? See the creator. Look into the eyes of someone, and you will see right into their very soul, and the creator. Look at yourself in the mirror, see the creator. There has been many conflicted messages about loving all and seeking the creator, due to those in positions of power who in my opinion distorted the original message from many religious prophets.

Science has recognized to a degree the expansion of the universe and the eventual collapse back into itself again, which supports the idea of the one infinite creator expanding, with everything eventually working it’s way back to the creator, to begin the cycle again. My own spirit guidance described it to me a few years ago like a ‘lung’ that breathes in and out, experiencing all it can of itself.

I respect both the logical and abstract parts of the mind, for both parts have their uses. Whatever your religion, spiritual belief or core belief system, we are all on this gameboard we call life. All from what I have found in my own journey, to make a choice in this world. I will elaborate in the next paragraph, note that under free will you are free to accept/reject any information, and that is crucial you take what feels right to you on your path back to the creator and discard all else.

What is this choice? Its seems to be to pick a polarity. This polarity can be one of the two polarities, service-to-others or service-to-self. Positive or negative, light and dark, good and evil, or whatever you wish to call said path. Those who have not yet built up enough polarity to have chosen, seem to live lives again and again until they do.

One of these paths is radiant, radiates to all others in love, light, compassion, path to unity. The second, aims to separate you from all else, so that it is just ‘you and the creator’ to the exclusion of all else. Or you may be undecided, and be comfortable not doing either of these things. Whatever path you may do, will involve serving the creator.  It does seem like beyond a certain point of spiritual evolution, the negative polarity is abandoned. How can you unify with all, yet be separated from all?

It seems that many are hell-bent on trying to get negative entities to switch themselves to positive, but the best thing we can do is be of service to those who need us and to the one creator. This can be as simple as a morning prayer/worship/sending of love and light to people, a communion in your church, a loving exchange, arranging a party, helping a beggar. Any way you feel is appropriate, if it is done of the intention to serve others.

A small example like today in the phillipines, me and my partner handed out mints to everyone in a Jeepney. It can be as simple as smiling at people and feeling joy.

I find that you can observe situations in your life and then see if you can/cannot be of service. This can be as simple as being in a shopping queue, you have a full trolley and someone has one item, do you let them in front? Do you make way for someone in traffic? Do you offer someone the last snack? Do you offer help to a beggar in need? As you begin to polarize and build up potential, you will find your life overall may become full of joy, in the case of the positive path. It is my guess that the negative path feels empowerment on it’s own path in it’s own way, although i may use the word empowerment.

I write this article from a bias of service-to-others, naturally. I believe that we are all aspects of one infinite whole creator, and that we are all seeking to be unified with all, and the creator. So, what is there to fight? Love another as you love yourself, love, live, and shine. It is my opinion that Love is the key that will ultimately end conflict and harmonize any planet, including this one.

Love to you all my brothers and sisters, whatever your belief system!