Why We Are Here? – To Learn The Ways Of Love

What is life itself? Why are we here? I can only speak from my own perspective of this infinity, of which all of us are part. The condition that causes us to feel disconnected from everything, the veil between the known and the unknown, this world and the spirit world where all is one, appears to be the place to charge yourself in the direction you wish to further proceed beyond this life, beyond this world.

That charge, in the positive direction is love. Love for all things, love/forgiveness of self/other-selves. Other-Selves are a part of self, what some will call other people.

I looked into the eyes of the homeless guy and you see the infinity within, as you do within everyone. Look into the eyes of the person me, him and another woman saw trying to steal his bag, and you will also see infinity.

While all 3 of us put a stop to said theft, to hold hate and resentment is not required, but love/understanding. When we hate others, we also to some degree hate the self. Within yourself dwells a great potential, waiting to be potentiated through free-will.

Service-to-others / Positive Path merely requires loving/caring for others to the best of our ability, and not to get wound up by the negative aspects of the world. Moaning about the world does nothing, being positive in it does!

Understanding is not of this life/world. That need only come next, this life is for loving and learning the ways of love. Only when we have completed that to the best of our ability in a particular lifetime do we leave it. Why do bad deaths happen to good people people may ask? They learned all that was required of them, all that they chose to learn, they did their chosen mission.

Thus, their body ceases viability so they can leave and go on to the next journey. Or if not acquired, reincarnate, to further refine the lessons of love.

None of us are perfect, but lets give this our best shot.