Why war is not the way, lets SEED positive change!

It has recently come to light of US, UK and France bombing syria, on the flimsiest of evidence i might add to justify the bombings of a country they have no part in. This is exactly like the the use of fake ‘WMDs’ and the events of 9/11 as an excuse to invade Iraq. Where is the love in any of this?

War has been used by those in power to try and slow the creation of harmony on the planet in the following way; that is using human free will to prevent positive change. Note it is the people who ultimately fight the wars of their own free will*, not the politicians who instigate them.

This is yet another attempt at this, although i have never seen people so united in calling it utter rubbish so it seems like more that has been hidden is coming to light. DO NOT BE MANIPULATED, USE DISCERNMENT IN ALL INFORMATION, INCLUDING MY OWN. YOUR FREE WILL IS PARAMOUNT, IT IS KEY TO USE IT.

There is a problem with war and there is a reason why it will not work in the long term. You can simply check the history books for that, many empires have risen/fallen, all due to the same issue of conflict repeating itself. 2000 plus years of recorded history has proven this much. It is all well and good these wars being carried out ‘not on my doorstep, the civilian deaths are collateral damage’ but innocent families, and living, breathing entities are being bombed and families torn apart, negativity and fear being created.

People sit on the comfort of their sofa with a newspaper in hand celebrating these airstikes on the flimsiest of information while their kids safely play in front of them, not a care in the world. And if war and hatred were to carry on, what if one day it ended up on your doorstep as it so easily could if fueled by the population? Your family, your kids, your friends, your pets. Then imagine someone reading a newspaper in another country with the same thoughts?

For a planet to unify in love, peace and compassion is the only way we can be free of many of the worries that plague us, from worrying if we will be able to pay the rent and put food on the table, to endless angry discussions or any other negative topic that may take a discussion over the family dinner table as everyone would have enough as those who have excess would naturally share it. I would dumpster dive in my younger years and see perfectly good food thrown out. There is the technology out there for clean power, water, food for everyone.

The only way we as a society and as a globe can ever even come close to solving many of the issues that plague the world, is not to ‘play the game’ but to stand up from the gameboard, look into the eyes of other players and say/feel ‘i love you’, and see them as a part/extension of yourself and the one infinity.  Everyone coming together, and taking responsibility for our lives.

Many expect voting in governments to solve the task of responsibility, but that is handing your power away, when WE as a people and a globe must take responsibility also and create our own lives.

I am going to give my opinion onto why the earth has many problems right now. Disharmony on earth is going to create disharmony inside the earth. Every thought, action and deed sends out an energetic vibration.

What we all could do for example, is all send out thoughts for a positive outcome for the world, every day wake up in the morning and say a positive affirmation for the world, do kind acts in the world, doing unto others as you would wish done to yourself. An example of a morning affirmation could be

“May love, peace and light be bought onto our planet” and mean it.

Seeds of change MUST be planted by us, and this starts by how we are to others in the world. That is where positive change will come from. We DO NOT and SHOULD NOT ACCEPT the possibility of another world war, but affirm there will be a positive outcome, and make an effort to creating that.

Many live their lives worrying over and over and over, when it is well within their power to lead a fulfilling life. This is so important, it is crucial for all those who want positive progress, is to learn the ways of unconditional love. Love is positive, the lack of love is negative. Whatever your religion, belief system, or whatever, i would advise in my own opinion to simply LOVE others. Don’t waste your day, time and energy talking about the negative aspects of traits of another person who you have never met, but seed positive change.

Negativity can only survive as long as people FEED IT! Positive likewise. So, what do we all want to create for the planet tomorrow for our children and grandchildren? A planet where we moan, moan, moan about problems and only fuel them in doing so, fight outside nightclubs, live under oppressive regimes of our own free will, or a planet where they can play safely on the street, laugh, joke, live in relative comfort and joy where they are free to seek their heart?


The key is love. That my brothers and sisters, is the solution.