About Me

Hello to all my fellow seekers of love and light. My name is Jacob. This blog is the face blog of the spiritual community I started; The Seekers Lighthouse. This blog is here as I am a spiritual seeker like any other, who happens to hold a belief that love for all things is a key lesson and was in fact, a primary foundation of many major world religions. I feel this blog is needed to share my experiences for anyone who wishes to take them and use them as they see fit on their path.

In this blog, I will discuss my own personal spiritual path, the paths of others, spiritual sciences, how science/spirituality can go hand-in-hand, and many aspects of the mind and spiritual evolution as I have learned them, along with reference material. This could range from researched material, to recordings of spiritual sessions and channelings and experiences. I never kept an accurate log of my younger years, although I have scraps of information for my spiritual history scattered about the place which I aim to consolidate as I think some is useful. Other stuff I will record as we know it from memory.

I do not profess to know everything, nor must anyone be seen as a god who knows more than anyone else. Free-will of all entities is paramount, so we offer this information in love and light, for anyone to accept/reject as they see fit. I also aim to let others share their experiences in another portion of this site, for i feel that it is crucial that all get to share experiences.

I am with my partner Ian in a relationship, whom shares my path with me whom had agreed to share this path with me, long before this lifetime. He will also write some posts for this blog, and for our video blog. We met in mid-2017, and learned about our history and our task of shining love together was. It was a task that many, many others have also come here to do. I also aim to have others contribute to this blog their own experiences and material, including my friend Kelly.

As of the time of writing, I am 23 years old. I first started the spiritual path around the age of 14, starting with an out-of-body experience which was spontaneous. I was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum disorder as a child and had many problems as a result of this. Some problems, such as hyper sensitivity to certain aspects of life remain, but life outlook and improvement of many symptoms, especially general mood and perception of emotions and love has been done through sheer dedication to the positive path, along with the love given by my mother throughout my younger years.

I had always had an interest in the paranormal, first sparked when my aunt showed me a dowsing pendulum. I begun to learn the art of meditation and spiritual connection after my out of body experience. In this out of body experience, I was advised that it was not my time to leave this body yet and that I had to go back and i was shown that I was here during the end of a major cycle where those who have successfully made the choice of love. will progress. I would later research NDE accounts.

I always felt like the world was ‘out of place’ and ‘different’ and I always valued kindness and loyalty as big traits. I couldn’t understand why anyone would ignore/walk past a homeless person for instance, I always felt a calling that the world can be made a more positive place.

For years, I considered my point of view to be scientific, but with an open mind. I always and still do happen have a belief in the value of both the logical and abstract mind. I would begin to spot subtle signs/messages during meditation, that would later guide me to a group of like minds, and a lady called Kelly, who would teach me the basics of psychic protection, connection, and grounding and whom I still discuss matters of the spiritual path/learning with to this day.

I would later begin to intuitively tap psychic/ESP ability, including the use of the ‘third eye’ that became an eye like any other, with its own visual perceptions of entities not of this realm. I had many experiences over this time, from asking the universe for signs of a family ‘out there’ in the stars i had learned about, to completely changing my viewpoint on life.

Before the out of body experience, and from experiences since I have learned that love is a key foundation of solving world problems; I was a 14 year old who would not leave the house alone, had no social connections, and a feeling of alienation which was quite severe. I then begun to question my own perceptions, and also the perceptions we are taught to believe and I realized a key concept is that of free-will, and that from this, you can change your own life, perceptions and then radiate it to the world around you. This I started to direct the will to, which was such that I would move out at 16 years of age with the support of my caring mother, and developed a social network of friends from school whom I was sure I had shared past lives with; and I would continue the journey on the path.

I always had a firm belief that all spiritual workings should be ‘of the light’ or positive to progress on a positive path. Ultimately, positive change in the world starts from being positive ourselves as a collective and as individuals.

The experiences of my spiritual development are so detailed and thorough that I could not detail them all on one website page, but I can give an approximate timeline:

2009 – Intitial stages of development, out of body experience, beginnings of tapping spiritual abilities, ET experience after my request to meet my family from ‘out there’. Walked outside at 3AM to the fields near my house in the middle of nowhere. Saw 3 disk like objects hover low, suddenly overwhelmed by feelings of love that were indescribable. Discovery of Steve Roach music, NDE research. Research into everyday life and observing the psychological states of different people from all walks of life. Research into scientific principles to backup experiences I was having, researching consciousness.

2010 – Social circle formed, more advanced spiritual abilities tapped, ability realized to travel out of body reawakening a younger ability. Meeting my spirit guides/soul friends who are in the realms beyond this one. In school there was heavy levels of racism towards Europeans. I took it upon myself to become friends with a group of Europeans, whom I am friends with to this day. Past life connections present. Took one of my friends on a mental out of body travel with me. Foundation to an ability i would later discover in full.

2011 – Moving out alone, deep spiritual seeking. Relaxed with nature photography, set up a darkroom as a grounding exercise to balance spiritual/physical life. I wrote my own book, we have each other. Dropped out of the final year of school, went back for the exams, passed all but math.

2012 – Request to spirit to experience a life as an average ‘joe bloggs’ complete with both the positive/negative drama of such. This would give me good perceptions as to what to improve within myself and what I wanted from my life. Spiritual abilities were always present, but dormant. Handed a ‘passport’ during a spiritual experience which I would later learn its purpose.

2013 – Death of my mother from sudden brain bleed, spiritual retreat, introspection.  Removal of negativity from life.

2014 – End of the ‘joe bloggs’ experience I requested. Dated a Malaysian, settled in a new house, further spiritual retreat.

2015 – International travel to Malaysia/Singapore. Spiritual synchronicity understandings. Research into self, to know self.

2016 – Spiritual ability awakening/research. Full time practitioner of positive spirituality. Discovery of the Law Of One material which was channelled in 1981 by the love light research foundation, confirming many principles I had learned from my own group, spirit guides and research. The conscious realization that I was on a path to positive ‘polarity’, which is based on service-to-others and love. Understanding there is both valid negative/positive ways to progress on the levels of spiritual evolution. Learning about the veiling and the earth quarantine. Understanding the nature of magnetic spiritual polarity to a greater degree. Puzzle pieces from the past seven years of my life begin to come together.

2017 – Intense spiritual seeking, travel to Nepal to meet Nepali friends I had met over the internet. Met who would later become my current partner from the phillipines, who had the same system of love beliefs and is an extremely compassionate individual. Past life information suspected. This would be the year I suspect that i went from being spiritually ‘aware’ to ‘awakened’. A drive to spread positivity in the world happened. Beginnings of taking life less seriously, by speaking to my spirit guide Ralpsa ‘off the clock’ about mundane things about the next level of spiritual evolution and sciences of such.  Understanding of how life catalyst aims to propel you on your path.

Learning about the seven levels of spiritual evolution, and why this one is veiled.

2018 – Plans for long stay in the phillipines with my partner, building our physical foundations. Begun mental travel/channelling for the purpose of gaining healing information and casual information about the next spiritual level/density from healing meditations to information on viewpoints of these societies, to laws of physics and sciences used at other levels. Achieving a good science/spiritual balance.

This is a timeline in a nutshell. Over this time, i would consider my belief system to be along the lines of a variant of Neopaganism, although all paths are unique. The spiritual abilities I have which I do not like to call ‘gifts’ as everyone has them, but abilities that are unique to every individual waiting to be tapped are the following:

  • Ability for mental projection out of body trance. The foundation for this was laid since childhood. Past life regression accessible from this trance state.
  • Ability to have precognitive/informative dreams and to recall them well, developed over years.
  • Third eye, ability to see spiritual entities as if it is a third ‘eye’. It is a separate eye to normal vision but is somehow overlaid in the minds eye and is projected outwards, words cannot describe this. Can see through third density veils at will.
  • Abilities to channel. Further refining this. Note that a pure heart is required to channel positive entities with as minimal distortion as possible, with a tuning towards love. Spirit can relay messages and talk through me. Often my spirit guide and fourth-density incarnate friend Ralpsa will assist.
  • Intuitive abilities
  • Ability to take anyone on a guided mental projection trance. This would be used during 2010 during mid teens and only realized to the full extent how to use it during 2017, would take someone who i did a reading for in 2013 to meet his deceased aunt, he had not told me about her before the session.
  • Use of energy direction/transfer.


I am exploring how to channel energy for the purposes of healing and other sorts of energy transfer/transmission, but I am working on balancing the self further before this is practiced. There are other abilities that I have not mentioned, including learned psychic defence.

This is enough for the basic background of my life, there are other sections of this site which will discuss many key principles I have learned, from the seven levels of spiritual evolution, to key spiritual sciences. I have great respect for all religions, people, and even the scientific community. Liken the scientific community searching for truth via logic, with many (not all) spiritual communities doing it solely with the abstract mind. Now what if we combined both parts of the mind? What if we opened our hearts? I seem to have discovered opening the heart, and becoming at least 51% or greater in service and love to others seems to be the key to moving to the next spiritual level.

I hope this has been an interesting background as to why I started this blog, as i think a background to an individual is needed. In the love and light of the one infinite creator, Namaste my brothers and sisters!