Polarity and Catalyst

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This page will discuss Polarity and Catalyst from a spiritual standpoint, with scientific evidence which helps back up some of the polarity principles discussed, fighting what seems to be coming from many spiritual seekers and even some religions of which many practitioners are not familiar with scientific understandings.


Polarity is a state wherein reality has separated into two polarities, working in identical way to magnet poles on a scientific level. The two polarities in spiritual evolution are one of the two paths, positive (service-to-others) or negative (service-to-self).

If one has not chosen a polarity, it is like a magnet that has not been magnetized yet, it has no magnetism from my research and understanding. They may polarize themselves through use of catalyst of their own free will. This may be aided by contact with an entity of either polarity in the respective direction, for the same reason that stroking an non magnetized magnet with another magnet magnetizes it.

These are the sort of people you meet who either touched your heart who you remember and never forget.

This is further supported by the law of one material. This has also been observed by many cultures, yin/yang is an example of this.

It seems like at Sixth Density, the polarities become harmonized into one. It is recognized in traditional science that opposite particles can ‘annihilate‘ each other, producing a photon which has no polarity.

I mention the scientific principles which support such a mechanism like polarity, because many of those who channeled such describing some realms as simply ‘light’, and in fact light was one of the first manifestations of infinity. This is why I do not dismiss traditional science, but instead attempt to show how the two understandings relate. This density is not for understanding, but it can assist those who may be on the fence with faith to give them a nudge that there is evidence to support the direction they wish to direct their faith and will to pick a polarity to continue their evolution.

Personally as you can tell, I have picked the service-to-others polarity. If a situation comes up in my life, i observe it and wonder how i can be of service, can as simple as letting someone in first through a door on a train, to as complex as taking the time to talk to a homeless person or person in need. So what will you pick? Whatever your polarity (or lack of if you do not wish to choose), I love you!

The next section will discuss catalyst.


All events in our lives are ‘catalyst’ to aid in the graduation to the next density. Catalyst is an event that is aimed to help an entity choose either positive or negative in the case of this density to enable graduation, or to propel the entity into further learning of it’s respective density. The type of catalyst is different depending on the density, but the examples in our world/density is below.

Catalyst Example

An example of third density (our level) catalyst is aimed to help you pick a polarity. could be as simple as seeing a homeless person; you are presented with the chance to help out of love/compassion with no expectation of return (positive), not acknowledge (neutral, unpolarized), or show your power over them for yourself (negative).

The seeing of the homeless person ‘in need’ is  the first stage of the example catalyst. The catalyst in the case of someone who is asleep or unaware of compassion or wishes not to use it is typically unpolarized until they try and use catalyst in their life for one path or the other. These are the ones who incarnate again and again. Note that no path is right/wrong, and its not for us to judge/hate, if you wish to polarize positively, but to attempt to feel compassion and love and try and shine your light in the world in my opinion.

The second stage in the event of a polarization would be attempting to help (via time, giving of money, or whatever method is there, provided it is done from the heart out of compassion and love), or in the case of negative, kicking them while they are down or somehow showing your status above them, the nature of the negative path being conquest.

The act of fining a homeless person for being homeless, or in the case of the above linked negative example of catalyst, burning money in front of them to show them your status above them, which is a key component of starting on the negative service-to-self path, although it must be done with the intention of self-gratification or serving to the self and/or conquest for the purpose of the self.

Another example of catalyst could be an event in someone’s life such as an illness or in my case being bulled in school, say i was mocked.

I could take the events and love them and attempt to pull myself out of the negative mentality it can place you in, or i could use it to become bitter, resentful at how bad my life is, and how i can ensure others cannot have a good life because i could not. This is why I advise not to judge others for their life path. This does not mean not to defend yourself when you come under physical attack when being bullied, as I did on two occasions, using only the force I needed to assert the sovereignty of my physical vessel.

Typically once you go further on the positive path, events usually fall in a protective manner if this is pre-incarntive or current incarnation workings.


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