Dazna is an interesting entity, and one who gave me very indepth insight into fourth-density thought patterns. This entity is one who came to me during childhood and was very care free and would burst with Love. He would sometimes come in car journeys or on some travels. He was interested in making friends across the cosmos is seems. I have no prior experience in past lives or otherwise with said entity.

During my travel session of 18 March, 2018 I would visit the Planet ‘Zika’ and end up on a farm. This entity was present and showed me that at fourth density does farming, and some fourth density also eat meat to a limited state, with the animals treated with intense love and compassion. Meat seems only eaten to an extent required by their physical metabolism, and many will not do so or not require it. Weather meat is consumed later in fourth density remains to be seen. Fourth Density carries lifetimes of 90,000 years approximately in length according to Ra, with many millions of years before graduation on average, as we would measure time.

He would show me the farm and took me on what looked like a pedal bike but had no pedals; it was powered by crystals by a means I cannot understand. He took me to his house deep in the hills and the outside lamp was on, it was late afternoon.  The lamp was a glowing crystal, and he could not understand the concept of electricity, nor was it used here.

It seems like before entry into their house they would knock on the door, not unlike what Chinese culture does before entering a hotel. This varies by individual, but it is considered still ‘polite’ to knock in this particular planets social memory complex.

He sat me down on a sofa and me him and Ral had general chit chat. He fed me a ‘broth’ or blue liquid designed to invoke calm and feelings of compassion. It would be that planets equivalent of inviting you for a ‘cup of tea’.

Through this discussion, he said he does not understand or feel Wisdom is required and finds it an absurd idea, ironically in the same way many on our planet find treating all others with love is absurd. Love and forgiveness is the graduation requirement of third density, wisdom being the path of fifth density. He advised me he was a recent graduate. Ral confirmed his statement onto this typical early fourth density view of wisdom.

Kelly would find this ridiculous and would query her own guidance with this on tape, and would find to her surprise they would return an answer equal to what Dazna had said. She was incredulous.

You can acquire lessons to help you towards fifth density wisdom during third-density wandering, although it is not for third density entities to try and be too ‘wise’ with only love for all things to a 51% service to others ratio being required. This entity also felt a calling for to service to others.

Seems like this is an entire social relationship.

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