Consciously Offering An Entity Catalyst

I have had an experience that I would like to share and I am considering my position with it. The offering of catalyst to another entity in full conscious awareness of the catalyst you are offering; be it positive catalyst (service-to-others) or negative catalyst if you were a negative entity (service-to-self). In my case, the catalyst is of course as always of the service-to-others offering!

I am always a safe online person and have avoided many scams conducting business online. There was one particular fellow I felt a little uneasy about, but he showed all the proper credentials to convince me to do a weeks’ work for him. I insisted on weekly payments as i take said precaution. Maybe this also comes a lesson of wisdom.

I wrote a weeks worth of articles for a man posing as a guy called ‘mark lopones’. He provided a proper contract, and everything. So I begun to work for him, writing around 25 articles, for a total value of $300 USD over the course of a week. The day before payday i pull tarot cards and got a ten of swords, and I knew i had been had. He does not pay, and vanishes. I had searched the name and found nothing, but people who had been conned by the man had started to pop up.

I cut my losses, processed this catalyst and forgave with effort, which was difficult when my partner is struggling to feed himself in the philippines and we have been saving up (will be saving up for around 6 months) to move to be together and thus had no spare cash that was quickly accessible, my housemate gave me the money I needed to eat myself.

Around a month later, i had an idea. I am into IT and i decided to check the contract file he sent me for metadata. Microsoft word will save details of the user who wrote it (Such as registered name) and it came up with a name Joseph <second name redacted until further notice, read on>

Doing further digging, i found that the man was highly christian from africa (his english was very well-written). So I opted: could I offer him catalyst? Could I offer him a chance to take a positive message from his own faith while also asking that I get paid for my services?

Before you read on, I am not christian, though I respect all faiths/belief systems,the beauty of free-will. As he is christian, i chose to offer catalyst / a positive message via his own belief system:

I sent this email to him:

Hello Joseph Oxxxxxx, otherwise known as Mark Lopones (alias). I finally managed to find who you were through a bit of detective work including location, etc on behalf of many frustrated writers.
I see you are a christian man, I am surprised you do not follow the ten commandments, including thou shall not steal, the seventh commandment. A religion is nothing without following the heart.
I am emailing to politely ask for payment of my articles. You would then be following the seventh commandment. I am not trying to be funny, but we have many writers who are in the same boat. I am like many others, just trying to feed my family.
If you must, send me half of the payment via PayPal (around $150 USD) and i will consider it quits: and it can be a weight off your mind as well as mine.
I believe in forgiveness and I have forgiven, but i think it is worth asking you for payment. I hope i can get it to save me publishing your details to warn other writers to avoid like the plague. People are trying to survive, just like you. I thought you might need reminding of the faith you commit to.
Love thy neighbour as you do yourself
Leviticus 19:11 – Do not steal, do not lie. do not deceive one another.
At heart, you are probably a good man, as every human has a heart and everyone is part of the one creator, including you joseph.
Leviticus 19:13 – Do not defraud or rob your neighbour. Do not hold back the wages of a hired worker overnight.
Whatever you chose to do in life is your free will, which has been freely given. You can chose to ignore this, chose to pay me, and ponder your faith. After all, jesus taught us all to love one another, regardless.
The aims of this message were twofold: A positive message, and (maybe) a chance at getting paid. I willfully wrote this in a way as to offer catalyst, a chance to choose a spiritual polarity of positive/negative. His actions would be service-to-self on the surface, but that path requires insane dedication and intent, as does the positive path.
I wrote the positive message in line with his own biases, and also mentioned the art of free-will, as to attempt to pressure him/manipulate him into paying (or saying how he was a sinner in his own distortion) would be an abridgement.
The catalyst to me was attempting to stay positive despite the negativity, not trying to use his fear of god to manipulate him into payment, but firmly stating my position, offering him a lesson of positivity/honesty, while also stating that I would (and if he does not pay I will uncensor the full name etc for all to read for the protection of others from his scam). Googling his common alias should be enough though.
He claims to be of christian belief systems/distortions. I hoped to use my own free will to offer him catalyst, that he may take or leave as he sees fit.
Whatever happens, are we not all the creator? As is he. I hope I can use this myself to refine my love for all things.
This was a consciously prepared offering of positive catalyst(though I did feel the need to ask for half of my money in the same email, it being up to the entity (joseph) if he were to use the catalyst in any way or not.
It is up to him now, I am contented either way <3
Love you all <3

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