Seeding Light In Dark Places – Writing to people in prison

After an unusual dream, I have opted to try and make a few connections of people in prison. I have found out that some can be emailed via a system called JPay in the US, and the others can send letters.

I have so far messaged three, telling them a bit about me but also offering a non-judgmental friendship. I think, that loving all things, even those who maybe have not done the best stuff is an essential part of spiritual growth, and only good can come from showing the basic quality of compassion.

If you show kindness to someone, you offer them catalyst that carries a high chance of positive interpretation, and if it doesn’t, it is still a good deed added to the collective! It is but a seed, but is up to the person what they do with it. And I also have observed that not all ‘crimes’ harm anyone else (such as some drug offences) and others have made decisions that have got them there, but the key thing I am finding on the path is that loving all parts of the creation while hard to do seems a logical step forward.

What I am hoping to achieve from this is to try and get some hard data over time as to the positive influence this has on someone’s life, and with permission of the person in question I may publish the message thread, with identifying details scrubbed unless they are happy with sharing them!

Watch this space!