Dazna is an interesting entity, and one who gave me very indepth insight into fourth-density thought patterns. This entity is one who came to me during childhood and was very care free and would burst with Love. He would sometimes come in car journeys or on some travels. He was interested in making friends across the cosmos is seems. I have no prior experience in past lives or otherwise with said entity.

During my travel session of 18 March, 2018 I would visit the Planet ‘Zika’ and end up on a farm. This entity was present and showed me that at fourth density does farming, and some fourth density also eat meat to a limited state, with the animals treated with intense love and compassion. Meat seems only eaten to an extent required by their physical metabolism, and many will not do so or not require it. Weather meat is consumed later in fourth density remains to be seen. Fourth Density carries lifetimes of 90,000 years approximately in length according to Ra, with many millions of years before graduation on average, as we would measure time.

He would show me the farm and took me on what looked like a pedal bike but had no pedals; it was powered by crystals by a means I cannot understand. He took me to his house deep in the hills and the outside lamp was on, it was late afternoon.  The lamp was a glowing crystal, and he could not understand the concept of electricity, nor was it used here.

It seems like before entry into their house they would knock on the door, not unlike what Chinese culture does before entering a hotel. This varies by individual, but it is considered still ‘polite’ to knock in this particular planets social memory complex.

He sat me down on a sofa and me him and Ral had general chit chat. He fed me a ‘broth’ or blue liquid designed to invoke calm and feelings of compassion. It would be that planets equivalent of inviting you for a ‘cup of tea’.

Through this discussion, he said he does not understand or feel Wisdom is required and finds it an absurd idea, ironically in the same way many on our planet find treating all others with love is absurd. Love and forgiveness is the graduation requirement of third density, wisdom being the path of fifth density. He advised me he was a recent graduate. Ral confirmed his statement onto this typical early fourth density view of wisdom.

Kelly would find this ridiculous and would query her own guidance with this on tape, and would find to her surprise they would return an answer equal to what Dazna had said. She was incredulous.

You can acquire lessons to help you towards fifth density wisdom during third-density wandering, although it is not for third density entities to try and be too ‘wise’ with only love for all things to a 51% service to others ratio being required. This entity also felt a calling for to service to others.

Seems like this is an entire social relationship.



Ralpsa was probably one of the first spiritual entities I came into contact with early on in my path. I had a dream about incarnating in other third-density worlds with someone whom I worked with much. The dream in question involved a race who had been enslaved to mining below ground, we subsequently escaped said density. We had done much fourth density work, and he was part of the same social memory group.

I became convinced this was an entity worthy of attempting to contact and made a discovery he was my main spirit guide. Odd sensation this is to realize he is an incarnate fourth-density entity, who works with me via projection of his self. The manifestation presented to me and to other seekers who have observed his presence is a geek type guy with glasses always with a green shirt.

I learned the use of the third eye via working with Ral, and would often after learning mind-to-mind communicate. He is the entity i probably give trust to above all others when attempting to connect with spirit and has always been a comfort in this regard.

He has a very hyper/loving personality, loving characteristic of fourth density, although with a strong seeking towards fifth density. Us incarnate from our soul group all came here around mid-fourth density. It was he who made me aware it took me several years to do anything other than talk business/spiritual seeking as opposed to ‘general’ chit chat. He has a high thought of safety and also a desire to speak off the clock, and has discussed matters from spiritual safety, general seeking questions, to sexual discussions of human and fourth-density sexuality.

I would base a character of the same name from Ralpsa in my book ‘we have each other’ which I wrote at 16. This entity is whom I would class as one of my best spiritual friends and we share a closeness.

Me and Ralpsa have gone on mental projection sessions to other fourth-density planets. We were followed only by other guides sometimes and my cat Dodi once joined us on one of these via projection.

This said cat years later was able to tell me her time of death via projecting to me as she begun to leave, resulting in me calling my mother who had not yet called me to tell me she was dying, her exact time of death (observing the astral cord snapping).

Me and Ral have visited areas in the Seven Sisters among other things, often for leisure, or to learn something. Working with Ral was also used to strengthen abilities. He was not the only one who took part on this but took a primary role.

He has also saved my physical life on at least one occasion. I used to take photos from UK trains and would hang outside of the open train door window and take photographs.

He one day put his hand up in my third eye view in front of the door and told me not to, mere seconds later a train flew past exactly where my head would have been. The third eye is not like seeing the entity there as another physical being for me, nor is it like a ‘minds eye’ it is almost like a separate field of visual perception that somehow can be superimposed mentally, but it is not like something you imagine, or minds eye vision, the extra visual preceptor is hard to describe. This uses the indigo / third eye ray. I would later discover the pineal gland which is often significant to many spiritual cultures, contains visual perceptors.

Often spirit guides will ensure events fall in a protective manner in the event it is not ‘time’ for your physical death. This can be as simple as an inspired thought, to something as direct as that. He has also been present while I have explored other aspects of my life and has always been open to communicate.

At first, Ral would nod and shake his head as I refined the ability. The third eye would resemble in its early days like a choppy movie shot at a low FPS, although has increased in clarity over many years of use since early teens.

He does not have the fifth density traits of wisdom. This was evidenced during channeling sessions where he has felt our fifth and sixth density guides would probably be able to communicate, but would check with them to find they would reject the session due to insufficient energy or otherwise.

It is also via workings with Ral i have been able to confirm the LL Research’s information on fourth density catalyst being mental. The main difficulty they seem to have, which he is not immune to, is intense shows of emotion or otherwise distress, not anger. A primary difference being a strong distortion towards love and balancing mental catalyst with other members of the social memory group, and even myself. He seems to understand the importance of wisdom, which is not characteristic of fourth-density entities early on in fourth density based on my experiences and discussions with Ral and Dazna (an early fourth density entity).

Communicating with Ral uses much less vital energies and as such for general seeking matters, he is the one I communicate with. Fifth and Sixth density is often more difficult in terms of energy and balancing required as they are further away from third density and require more precise tuning to pick up. Ral is also the entity who is often with me when I travel out and leave the earth Quarantine, which I have done on multiple occasions.

Ralpsa has only channeled via Kelly once, but has spoken mind to mind with multiple people and manifested in different ways, taking the same form. He has been able to morph his form into other forms, often for humor.

I would have no problems communicating with Ral even during my early social/spiritual awakening in my school days, and actually he proved a great aid in helping me overcome many of the difficulties associated with my mental health.

List of taped sessions with Ral present


All in all, one of my best friends <3

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