Sexuality, Love & Self-Acceptance.

A common theme that seems to be happening in the world is confusion between sexuality/love/religion/morals and even gender identification. I am a gay man myself. Now, full understanding of the song/dance/rhythms of life are not possible at this density of evolution, but that the main theme of this density is to pick a spiritual polarity based on catalyst in your life, with the memories of previous lives and your unity of all things temporarily masked.

This increases the intensity of your experiences, for with the forgetting your actions are done from the heart of your own free will. So that brings us to sexuality.

Homosexuality, BI-Sexuality, Transgender or other incarnation patterns may have been selected as part of a soul or higher-self choice (decided before incarnation) for certain lessons or may be a random effect of catalyst, depending on the souls pre-incarnation choices.

Often a soul picks its life circumstances, parents, among other things before birth based on my findings/experiences to help provide the catalyst that it would like to learn the lessons of love, how it feels most appropriate. This is particularly relevant at third density, this current density. Liken this to picking the subjects and criteria that you wish to study, in this schoolroom we call life in a physical body.

A Soul who becomes aware can often program their own lessons.

Now those who are from the LGBTQ community have often faced rejection from a society that is lacking in spiritual evolution of accepting others. But the catalytic action of being LGBTQ in this scenario offers the chance of self-acceptance without others returning it, of your own free will. Once this happens, you often find the catalytic action causing said lesson falls away in the process.

A crucial part of positive polarisation is that of accepting others, loving and forgiving self/other-self (for all other people are part of yourself) but also crucially (which many in society do not do) is acceptance of the self, love of the self as well as others.

The trials faced during LGBT discrimination are one example of the self being placed into a position where it will be more comfortable to love the self, accept the self, and then can radiate acceptance of all to others, help others in the same boat. Freeing the worrying from what others think of you is one of the most liberating things you can do in life.

Then it brings you to love. Love being the second foundation action of all of creation after free-will, which is how the infinite creation can be potentiated in any direction. The glue that holds everything together.

Love can be transferred between two entities, regardless of sexual orientation or otherwise, or regardless of the biological sex of the physical vehicle that we call the body. The body houses the soul/consciousness which contains all of what we have experience, and what we are. Some have already been through this and assist the wider world, others have not, and are learning this for the first time to also assist the wider world and their own evolution.

Romantic and Platonic love are merely different expressions of love. Unconditional love may be a part of either, love is just that, love.

Being LGBT has little to do with the transfer of love and sexual energy transfer as love is universal and as such is valid be it straight, gay, or whatever the two people’s sex who are expressing romantic love is. I find sexual energy spiritual transfer work to be more than possible in the LGBT configuration just as it is between male/female.

I do suspect that some, not all who are transgender have experienced many previous lives as the opposite sex, as you often have many incarnations in any one spiritual level before you have firmly cemented your polarity. This is also okay, and provides further catalyst for accepting one’s self as transgender, and embracing life in whatever way they are comfortable with. You feel like a woman in a man’s body or vice-versa? Embrace and love yourself for that, for you are a unique part of the one infinity, and beautiful!

Attempting to suppress ones sexuality by trying to be ‘straight’ is not a good idea in my opinion, as you are merely pushing a part of yourself away which sooner or later will need to be understood and accepted as part of the self. If others don’t like it, whatever their relationship to you, their negativity is their own and not yours.

I personally based on meditation and talking to my spirit guide had pre-incarnatively chose before life to be LGBT and me and my current boyfriend had pre-planned our relationship ahead of time, even a couple of previous relationships were pre-incarnatively planned, others being the opportunity of catalyst.

Relationships by nature can provide some of the most intense catalysts for learning the ways of love, for furthering your evolution on love for others + self love in the case of positive, or in the case of the negative polarity being chosen, control and conquest of the other. The positive path being service-to-others (including self) or the negative path being service-to-self exclusively.

I have had a few not accept my sexuality, but i hold no resentment towards them. I was bullied intensely through school before my spiritual awakening out of body experience happened, but i hold no resentment towards them, either. I did however assert my sovereignty and refused to take bait nor engage in arguments, being happy with myself reduced their influence to zero and the situation causing the catalyst fell away as the lesson was learned.

I am working on love for all things. Those experiences offered me much needed catalyst to love myself, which when you want to love others knowing how to love yourself is a key. Not being narcissistic, but simple love for the self.

Learning forgiveness of others, forgiveness of self for past errors, which halts the wheel of karma, not holding grudges is a freedom unlike anything i could ever describe. Do I take rubbish from people? No. I have removed those who are negative towards me out of my life, while accepting/forgiving/loving them for having different views to mine. That includes those who rejected me for being gay, and who bullied me immensely in childhood.

Are you LGBTQ? Do you feel rejected by others? If so, then you are not alone. There is a whole creation full of people who will support you, and through strength of will, you can place yourself in a position where you will always be around those people, while learning to love/accept yourself. For every entity has a divine birthright of loving others and themselves.

Our lives are shaped by our free-will choices. We cannot control what others think about us (their free will), but we can control how we react to others, and how we handle/shape our own lives (our free will). I would walk out of school classes when they held us under group detentions by affirming my own free-will, which once you realise it, you begin to learn how to take control of your own game pieces.

And do you have a relationship, whatever the sexuality? Embrace it. Ever had a disagreement with your partner/spouse? I would recommend not going to bed until you have both come to an agreement by accepting the others viewpoint, and focusing on the love between you, forgiving and accepting the days catalyst. Do this, and most relationship problems will evaporate overnight/significantly reduce.

Others don’t like your relationship or try and control/influence it? Love/Accept the person and then walk away from them, knowing that you are taking control of your life. You only hand control of your life/relationship to others of your own free-will.

Accepting and forgiving the past is also key, to move on with your future.

Whatever your sexuality, whatever you identify as from the perspective of the self, however you feel, whatever your heart is set on, embrace it! We are all an infinite portion of the one intelligent infinity/one infinite creator/infinite whole/infinite consciousness.

From the basic chemical elements (first density) to the basic to advanced hive-based biological life (second density, your bacteria, plants, trees, insects like bees, pack animals) to the choice density (third density, this one, the only one with mind veil) to the density of love/understanding (fourth density), the density of wisdom/light (fifth density) the density of unity (sixth density), the density of timelessness/foreverness, becoming one with creator source again (seventh density) we are all one.

Whatever your sexuality or even how you are, that is just one part of your self, embrace it, and direct your life circumstances to love and accept others, and to love / accept self. You will find your true friends and will make your own true family in this process.

Also, relationships are unique to you. Others can have and will share similar experiences and their solutions, but all relationships have a unique component personal to the couple, as do friendships.

Love all people, love all things, may we all learn the ways of love. We may slip up sometimes, we may make errors, but we are all players in this game, lets embrace it!

Be yourself, and be happy with yourself, and arrange your life circumstances as best you can to be around those who will also help you. You have the capability to create, to love, and that divine gift of free will.

Take from this post what helps you, and discard the rest as whatever feels right to you is the correct path for you, the beauty of free will!

Sending love to all my fellow people <3





Why We Are Here? – To Learn The Ways Of Love

What is life itself? Why are we here? I can only speak from my own perspective of this infinity, of which all of us are part. The condition that causes us to feel disconnected from everything, the veil between the known and the unknown, this world and the spirit world where all is one, appears to be the place to charge yourself in the direction you wish to further proceed beyond this life, beyond this world.

That charge, in the positive direction is love. Love for all things, love/forgiveness of self/other-selves. Other-Selves are a part of self, what some will call other people.

I looked into the eyes of the homeless guy and you see the infinity within, as you do within everyone. Look into the eyes of the person me, him and another woman saw trying to steal his bag, and you will also see infinity.

While all 3 of us put a stop to said theft, to hold hate and resentment is not required, but love/understanding. When we hate others, we also to some degree hate the self. Within yourself dwells a great potential, waiting to be potentiated through free-will.

Service-to-others / Positive Path merely requires loving/caring for others to the best of our ability, and not to get wound up by the negative aspects of the world. Moaning about the world does nothing, being positive in it does!

Understanding is not of this life/world. That need only come next, this life is for loving and learning the ways of love. Only when we have completed that to the best of our ability in a particular lifetime do we leave it. Why do bad deaths happen to good people people may ask? They learned all that was required of them, all that they chose to learn, they did their chosen mission.

Thus, their body ceases viability so they can leave and go on to the next journey. Or if not acquired, reincarnate, to further refine the lessons of love.

None of us are perfect, but lets give this our best shot.