Reflection, Meditation, Self-Forgiveness

The mind, body, spirit and brain is an amazing thing. Your consciousness firing it’s way through a network of complex nerves and neurons. Linked to the body by forces that words cannot explain, behind a veil of forgetting that is life in third density.

Sometimes though the mind, can get a bit, shall we say, hectic. Life takes over, catalyst is being received at a high rate and needs to be processed, sometimes we may get wrapped up in life events sometimes. Even I sometimes forget that we are here to give a positive response to catalyst and get caught up in it. This is when we should in my opinion meditate.

Meditation is one of those things that people associate with simply ‘blanking’ the mind. But it can be so much more than that. Meditation to me comes in different levels and forms, i will go through the stages and types of meditation that can be used for self-help and even helping the wider universe.

  1. Relaxation – This is the stage where you just chill out. You may relax on a chair, close your eyes. Sometimes put some music on but do not actively do anything. This is the state you often seek after a day’s work. But what if it could go deeper?
  2. Reflection – This is where you observe thoughts going through your mind. You feel the catalyst of the day. Why couldn’t we save that mother on the operating table today? How is the homeless man who i gave change to? Why have my kids been so hard to handle today? Why is the bank hounding me for money? How, why, when, where? You process and reflect upon these thoughts, and attempt to release self-judgement from them, that you did your best in the situation. You can simply envision them melting away or dissolving into light. You may imagine these thoughts being filed away.
  3. Light Meditation – This is where you begin to quiet the mind, after acknowledging what you need to knowledge. You slowly begin to feel yourself letting go of attachment, whatever the day’s stresses have bought you, this is the time to let go of that, for this time is sacred.
  4. Moderate Meditation – Your mind is now quiet. You may chose to stay in a state of quiet in this state. For an adept, this is the state you can begin to communicate with spirit or focus on a goal. This is also the state where you could also focus on the goal of forgiving self and others for perceived wrongdoings. Sending out this intention can help. This is also the time when you may begin to pierce the veil of forgetting quite clearly, if you direct the will in this way, the will to seek.
  5. Deep Meditation / Trance – This is for the adept, where you have almost shut off the mind/body, or is a state where you may access states such as out of body projection or deep trance channeling or whatever else you would do, or just feel at one with the universe. A state of total stillness and silence may be achieved from this state.

Meditation is a very powerful tool, from focusing on a goal and by putting that energy out into the universe may help it come to fruition, to sending healing to a situation (helping wider consciousness in the process) or forgiveness.

Forgiveness of both self and others is crucial due to the fact that holding a grudge against self or others  for a perceived wrongdoing is detrimental to one’s spiritual health. Focusing the will on forgiveness, or even asking your spiritual guides/god/deity or whoever you most have an affinity with according to your beliefs to help you forgive both self and others for anything that is concerning you can be a great help. Not holding a grudge feels so good. Forgiving the day’s catalyst. Trying to direct thoughts to a loving standpoint.

Meditation can be used to train the mind, body, and spirit to the direction/polarity you want in your life. From a light meditation contemplating thoughts or allowing the creator / your deity / loved ones who have passed on / the light or whatever else you feel into your awareness, to moderate meditation for adept spiritual work, etc it is entirely up to the person.

Forgiveness i think has been easiest for me to approach in a state of light/moderate meditation, and this article has more been focused on forgiveness.

If you wish to use the meditative state to hold a goal, also known to some as ‘asking the universe’ or sending the intention out to begin it’s growth, meditation is a great tool at focusing the will and keeping the mind and our physical brains and our mind/spirits which can only handle so much disorder, back into alignment. Reflection/Acknowledgement of thoughts is also a crucial step in my opinion, not just trying to push it away and pretend it hasn’t been a thought. If it is then something you may not have felt best to think, forgive self and others who may have contributed directly/indirectly to the offending thoughts. Then focus on replacing the offending thoughts with love.

Love is ultimately the key, to love all people and things. We all have our own way to get there, and we sometimes need a retreat that is meditation to help us reorder the mind and realign our internal compass to our chosen direction.



The Mind Body Spirit Productions Store will be opening soon + Book Launch

It has been quite quiet round here! This is because I have been working on a spiritual online store, Mind Body Spirit Productions. This store is due to be fully opened alongside a book launch, Awakening the mind body spirit complex.

This is a book that is aimed to help those who are new on their spiritual path learn how to connect to spirit, with background information and small lessons on how to work with catalyst,  balancing chakras, opening the third eye, etc.

The Book will be available in both E-Book and Paperback format.

Love and Light to you all my brothers and sisters!


The Spiritual Elements and The Scientific States Of Matter

This will be a very short blog post. It is mentioned about the beginnings of first density which is also our foundation density, regarding the elements. These are treated in many spiritual cultures such as paganism and Hinduism and many others as four spiritual elements.

Earth, Air, Fire, Water.

I had a thought, about the scientific states of matter:

Solid, Gas, Plasma, Liquid

Fire that is much hotter than your average fire will ionize molecules, as on stars. Some fire is debated by some as a weak plasma, depending on temperature, and can be found as lightning and intense flames.

It is a short, sweet blog post. Those spiritual practitioners of old had much more in common with what we class as modern science than many think.

Both Logical(Scientific) and Abstract halves of the mind have a role to play, and both can be unified and harmonized, I believe.

I am guessing that is what happens ultimately at sixth density and what we can work on, accepting the viewpoints of all.

This revelation isn’t surprising, given that we are all woven from the same cloth!



Study Castle Channeling – Some World Predictions and Personal Info

This is a channeling I think I should publish, unedited including the personal pieces. It started as a meditation for study in a study castle. The entities I meet speak through me and i mention the visuals I see. A copy of the recording is to be uploaded, including the end of the meditation unrelated to the channeling but some personal path work with unrelated babble.

I ask Ralpsa / Ral what knowledge is, before he responded.

I will note, if my guide replies telepathically, i find it difficult to relay what is said without blocking off his communication with me.

No channel is pure, and I will point out what I feel are communication errors. Like any channeling, a reader must never take this as gospel and use your own discernment through free will. Take with it what helps you, discard the rest. I have added my own comments to this transcript, pointing out what I think are errors or my own thoughts on it.


Visuals: I see a demonstration going on in KL

Me: What is knowledge?

Ral: Knowledge is comprehension

Me: where are we currently headed on earth based on the present scenario?

Ral: I need to get someone with more area of expertise than that

Me: There is a lady she looks tribal, almost native American, a guy of similar, and a lady in a bikini…

Me: *unaudible*

Me: I am being taken into this black tunnel now, its almost like I am going up… I think I may be in kuala lumpur, Malaysia, seeing people there is like a demonstration going on in Kuala Lumpur, I am showing a padlock that is unlocked, people being freed from some chains.

Malaysia will be the first to be… ??

*Trance state slightly deepens*

*silence for several minutes*

The United Nations is only remaining as The United Nations because it is held in place by the global *error?* police *error?* control energy matrix within the next twenty to thirty years, yes years, these control grids are going to cease viability because there will not be fed or charged by the joe public anymore.

From this point, the liberation shall begin of your peoples. There is also going to be much of what you would call internal and external what you would call warfare in areas around northern south America. These are going to be minor to moderate in strength, this is going to be because of the deep-seated resentment that is harbored in some of these areas.


*I in semi trance mentally send challenge to ask if they are of the light. This was already done mentally before entering the trance state with them, but i periodically do this*

We answer your challenge. We are serving the divine light.

*The next part of the message seems by my intuition slightly distorted*

There is going to be in the area of north America the united states northern hemisphere a change in the weather… no… wind… and weather patterns that is  going to result in what you would call scorching heat in some areas the northern hemisphere, while the southern hemisphere of the continent known Africa no… southern Africa is going to begin to flourish in green flora and fauna.

There is going to be no more new… no there will be no more middle eastern conflicts in your near-future, the middle east is in a process of removing the spiritual entrophy and darkness that has befallen these nations over periods amounting to millennium.

There is going to be a great healing and compassion seeded within these nations within the next six, to seven, to nine of your years… years… These compassion ‘seats’ if you will are going to be the start of a light that will spread throughout the middle hemisphere or middle region of the world. These will be seeded from that point forth.

Europe is going to remarkable radically altered due to the known situations of the entity know no the government known as the European Union. This European Union shall Fall, fall like a house of cards, onto the ground. Nations will have their identity once more.

Me: Can you answer a challenge, sorry I felt a change

Brother. We serve the love and the light your energy is protected and adequate.

The European Union was built on what you would call corruption it is not known at the surface, not even by those who wish to see the dissolution of the union. It was deal that were constructed behind the scenes. These will be revealed. There were bribes exchanged. There was much conflict and warfare internally.

*My thought on the above, is that regarding World War II??? I suspect with limited proof mind, the EU was born from the attempted take over of Europe during WW2 by Nazi Germany, an attempt to take over Europe by a more subtle means than outright warfare*

We have communicated this to you because we feel that there is going to be potential for healing on mother earth in these regions. Do… We are going to move on to the far east.

You know an area of land that is very familiar to you known to you as Cambodia and the land known to you as Myanmar/Burma. These lands are fraught with much suffering and areas which you have not begun to plumb. This is because the love and light that is your core has been thrown to one side in these world regions.

Twenty Seven (27) of your years shall pass. Twenty Seven of your years shall pass. Then these lands will be released, no freed from their slavery and serfdom and the negativity that befell. The seed shall spread across railways, across oceans.

There shall now be a movement in the country that is now known as northern china. China? Northern China. We are going to use the term northern china for reasons which you do not understand. China has a dividing line between it’s north and south. These lines are caused by the what would you call, the land what was taken from the locals and natives of southern china. The area known to you as Tibet. There will be seeds of change from Tibet that move further, further, further, further north, across lands, across desert, across sea and ocean.

I am shown a map, it is pointing down. Your years are going to be spent personally, and we may give a very very small window because of free will, we will keep the rest hidden until the time is right for that page to be opened. Why open the whole book before reading it my love? We are going to say that you are going to create the base foundations with a soul known to you as Ian who is your brother and lover and everything else possible. This is going to be thus because of the lifetimes you spent, where you are native to with each other. He is your lover, he is your carer, he is your… well… we cannot describe love, can we? You and him have filled this role more than once in your history.

He became part of your close memory complex group (social memory complex?), at your spiritual advanced level of four (4).

Level 5 is your seeking, Level 4 is not your seeking.

/*My Comment*/

(Are these talking about densities? That is my usual terminology. My density before earth is fourth density. They correct this in the latter part, i think they meant I am seeking towards Fifth Density, not currently IN it. Even when they correct it they use the world levels, not densities, levels is a term I do not typically use.

The next bit contains some personal stuff regarding me and my partner, then some world stuff after that. I went into this looking for both personal and world stuff. I release it all as I do not like to edit recordings of this nature.

/* End My Comment*/

*Confusion and interruption of trance state*

We detect confusion. You are Seeking towards the fifth level, Ian is one of those souls that has love and compassion of a highly capable stance to assist you in working through your blockages. On the other hand, you shall give the quality known as light, or wisdom, or clarity to Ian.

Shaping his abstract thoughts into a form shall we shall say. Ian is abstract, you are logical, both positive. These can go very far when bought into love, the yin and the yang, the yang and the yin, all is one and one is all.

/* My comment */

I am unsure if the Ireland information for us in the next bit is valid, I am more thinking western Europe somewhere.  We will see I guess, this part feels incomplete/distorted somehow

/*End My comment */

We are not going to delve deeper into that connection. But we are going to say that you shall be taken from the phillipines, you shall go across land and sea, to the area known to you as we are showing a little stretch of land by the united kingdom known to you as southern Ireland, or Ireland.

The united states is going to come later, to then be imparted on the area of land known to you as… you do not have a name for this land… New Zealend… No… Look that up on a map..

*What I was shown was NZ*

There is much much more to be had in your life, free will choices will take you to wherever you need to go, you will both know where to go, to spread love and light on planet earth. You will meet, meet and care for many. You shall open your hearts and your very souls in this endeavour.

You are going to remain as pure as possible in your intentions. Remember you will go where you are needed You will go in areas that may seem a little, I wouldn’t say negative, but in need of light. That is your purpose. You have come here for that mission, as have many, many others and we have great love and compassion for those who came for this purpose.


/*My Comment*/

The next part they mention about not destroying the journey, this is done by not telling me anything that would ruin the fun should we say!

/* End My Comment*/

We are going to… We are going to show… We are going to… we don’t have a word for this… We are going to show you one more thing. Let this be  your motivation we will not destroy the journey, but this will be the end of it, when the journey is complete, when you have completed the ability to be loving, and spread that love, we are going to show you the love, the compassion.

I am going to an underground cave now… I am going up from this cave in a lift, green hills… It is like a golden light shimmering behind the hills, we will take your spirit guide with you, you are comfortable with him, we will show you.

Me: What is this?

It is a city… well not a city as you know it. Light, and LOVE shall reign on planet earth. You are moving into day, you are currently in the hours of 5 and 6 AM. Dawn approaches. The darkest has.. .well no.. this is too much of a negative anology in your mind… we are going to say the darkest hours of your time, were between the eras of two thousand (2000) three thousand (3000) the year… three.. no…

We struggle with time, three thousand of your years ago, to four hundred to three hundred of your years ago in space and time. The we started to enter the period of love. This was begun with the industrial revolution.

/*My Comment*/

The next bit i detect some bias from my own mind complex, the blink of an eye was something mentioned by many native american prophecies. Predicted the rise of telecommunications and internet i think, in my opinion this has helped unify the world to begin seeding change.  I also think this helped create a mirror for the world in a metaphoric sense.

/*End My Comment*/

People became more interconnected, people begun to connect, thoughts begun to travel round the world in a blinkering of an eye, around and around.

But so did both the negative and the positive thoughts, out there for the world to see.

This has caused people in many ways to desire to seek a more loving personality. We do not know how the story will end, but we do know where it is headed. That is the planet of love, your earth will love you, and you will love it. Birds, butterflies, trees, cats, dogs, you will all be like a family.

Everyone will love, everyone will be safe. Twenty-Seven (27), Twenty-Nine (29) years, your world will have removal and elimination of those things you call nuclear explosives.

You will have complete safety in knowing that your world will be safe. Governments will fall, new ones will be built, the form of government hierarchy you knew will cease to exist.


We will now go onto a period where you  will no longer be on this earth. We are going to go seventy (70) to ninety (90) years into your future. This is where we are being shown peace…. Harmony… Love… families love. Friends love. The age of technology will cease to exist. This will be love, this will be light, all across the land, across sea and land, across ocean. Across time and space. Our question to your now, and yes we do have a question….

What do YOU as a people want??? You will create that every day by your every thought, deed and action. Love shall be the dominating factor, dominating being the incorrect word here, the most common factor…

We are… The Salbedor/Salbedar? We are the group known to you as the Egyptian forests???

We are safe, we are love, we are light. We have come to only spread this message, because it is not easy getting a channel as pure as some of the channels we have come across, the area known as channeling is the inability to focus on love and with a detachment from the message being received. The lack of respect for such an endeavour creates all kinds of problems of which we would not be able to discuss.

If you wish to in any way connect with any form of spirit, do it from a pure heart. And it will be a breeze.

Me: if you could call it that

We are going to give one more message before we depart this instrument. Every last line of text you read, regarding world stage events, is going to be nothing compared to the inner change in the world. You will NOT find this change outside of yourself, but you will find it within yourself. You will find it in love and light. The love and light you have within you.

Your heart shall we say. See someone in need. Help them. Love them. Give them your time. You all have the time should you choose to have the time. Youy all have the ability, beggar, military, governments, old, young, you are all woven on the same cloth that cloth that is the divine light, the one whole loving infinite god creator entity. You are it, and it is you, you are the entity known as The One.

You are love, you are light, we leave this… we do not… we leave this instrument we leave this instrument in love, light and compassion. We have not had many errors in this communication, only a few minor errors. These are for your discernment. No channel can be 100% pure, that is not possible at your level, it is not possible try as you might, it is not possible even for us.

That does not matter, what matters is your heart. That is the ONE THING that matters on this earth, is your hearts my lovelies. We love you, we love you all, we leave you in the love and the light of the one creator, love compassion, namaste sisters and brothers of planet earth.


I return to the castle and the three entities become light, the meditation then enters some personal pathwork.