Why war is not the way, lets SEED positive change!

It has recently come to light of US, UK and France bombing syria, on the flimsiest of evidence i might add to justify the bombings of a country they have no part in. This is exactly like the the use of fake ‘WMDs’ and the events of 9/11 as an excuse to invade Iraq. Where is the love in any of this?

War has been used by those in power to try and slow the creation of harmony on the planet in the following way; that is using human free will to prevent positive change. Note it is the people who ultimately fight the wars of their own free will*, not the politicians who instigate them.

This is yet another attempt at this, although i have never seen people so united in calling it utter rubbish so it seems like more that has been hidden is coming to light. DO NOT BE MANIPULATED, USE DISCERNMENT IN ALL INFORMATION, INCLUDING MY OWN. YOUR FREE WILL IS PARAMOUNT, IT IS KEY TO USE IT.

There is a problem with war and there is a reason why it will not work in the long term. You can simply check the history books for that, many empires have risen/fallen, all due to the same issue of conflict repeating itself. 2000 plus years of recorded history has proven this much. It is all well and good these wars being carried out ‘not on my doorstep, the civilian deaths are collateral damage’ but innocent families, and living, breathing entities are being bombed and families torn apart, negativity and fear being created.

People sit on the comfort of their sofa with a newspaper in hand celebrating these airstikes on the flimsiest of information while their kids safely play in front of them, not a care in the world. And if war and hatred were to carry on, what if one day it ended up on your doorstep as it so easily could if fueled by the population? Your family, your kids, your friends, your pets. Then imagine someone reading a newspaper in another country with the same thoughts?

For a planet to unify in love, peace and compassion is the only way we can be free of many of the worries that plague us, from worrying if we will be able to pay the rent and put food on the table, to endless angry discussions or any other negative topic that may take a discussion over the family dinner table as everyone would have enough as those who have excess would naturally share it. I would dumpster dive in my younger years and see perfectly good food thrown out. There is the technology out there for clean power, water, food for everyone.

The only way we as a society and as a globe can ever even come close to solving many of the issues that plague the world, is not to ‘play the game’ but to stand up from the gameboard, look into the eyes of other players and say/feel ‘i love you’, and see them as a part/extension of yourself and the one infinity.  Everyone coming together, and taking responsibility for our lives.

Many expect voting in governments to solve the task of responsibility, but that is handing your power away, when WE as a people and a globe must take responsibility also and create our own lives.

I am going to give my opinion onto why the earth has many problems right now. Disharmony on earth is going to create disharmony inside the earth. Every thought, action and deed sends out an energetic vibration.

What we all could do for example, is all send out thoughts for a positive outcome for the world, every day wake up in the morning and say a positive affirmation for the world, do kind acts in the world, doing unto others as you would wish done to yourself. An example of a morning affirmation could be

“May love, peace and light be bought onto our planet” and mean it.

Seeds of change MUST be planted by us, and this starts by how we are to others in the world. That is where positive change will come from. We DO NOT and SHOULD NOT ACCEPT the possibility of another world war, but affirm there will be a positive outcome, and make an effort to creating that.

Many live their lives worrying over and over and over, when it is well within their power to lead a fulfilling life. This is so important, it is crucial for all those who want positive progress, is to learn the ways of unconditional love. Love is positive, the lack of love is negative. Whatever your religion, belief system, or whatever, i would advise in my own opinion to simply LOVE others. Don’t waste your day, time and energy talking about the negative aspects of traits of another person who you have never met, but seed positive change.

Negativity can only survive as long as people FEED IT! Positive likewise. So, what do we all want to create for the planet tomorrow for our children and grandchildren? A planet where we moan, moan, moan about problems and only fuel them in doing so, fight outside nightclubs, live under oppressive regimes of our own free will, or a planet where they can play safely on the street, laugh, joke, live in relative comfort and joy where they are free to seek their heart?


The key is love. That my brothers and sisters, is the solution.


What Are We? Why Are We Here?

This is a topic that has been discussed many fold over millennia and will also be the first topic i discuss on my blog and group in detail. What are we? Where do we come from? What is our purpose? This is a question that many have sought to find the answer to, yet it has always relied on very little other than faith.

I can not give an answer as to ‘what we are’ as your free will will define that. Your viewpoints, your actions, the aspects of yourself that you choose to express. Note that you are free to accept/reject any information, take in what is useful to your personal path. I respect all paths, and think this is paramount.

I can give a basic understanding from my point of view, which is no different to any other. It is my understanding, that every single soul is a piece/part of the one infinite creator / an infinite consciousness/awareness, that seeks to know itself. Many different religions have given the same infinite creator it’s name.

For Christians, it is God, for Muslims it is Allah. I had spoken to some Hindu friends of mine, who told me that all the different deities they worshiped signified one aspect of the whole infinite creator. I have never followed a ‘fixed’ belief system created by someone else; as i wanted room to learn and expand as i went on my spiritual path. The closest spiritual belief system to my own would be classed as Paganism.

I see paganism as a ‘custom’ path, a way of life as you will find no two pagans with exactly the same set of belief systems and even those of many other religions are not of the same belief system exactly but merely trying to follow the teachings of a prophet towards love. I have made friends of many different religions, from Sikhs to Muslims, and i find many of these are alike in the wider aspects of their belief systems towards love/compassion.

Having a belief system to form your core understanding is not a negative thing, it just is. However, how you utilize your belief system in my opinion can have a big effect on the quality of your life in third density and even what polarity you may choose.

I speak of course, about the ability to accept opinions other than your own, and to respect the free will of others. The free will being a fundamental principle of the ability to polarize towards the positive and respect of it. For example, using religious belief to love others, empower, and respect others regardless of belief system would be classed as positive in my opinion and will build up positive polarity. Using it to control, show how better your religion is compared to someone else, and use it to justify restricting freedom of others in a form of self-righteousness, will be a stepping stone to building up negative polarity.

A religion is a set of ‘base’ belief systems, a similar orientation or seeking. Based on my research, it is my opinion that religions all attempted to communicate the same message, that we are all love, and all one with the creator and that we should see the creator in everyone else, not just ourselves. It seems like we dedicate our spiritual path to seeking intelligent infinity/the one infinite creator/god/allah/the light.

So to get down to it? What are we? In my opinion, we are one with all and everything. We are an aspect of the one infinite creator, which seeks to know itself. These are also the words spoken by the entity Ra, though a channel in 1981. It rings true with what I have figured out from my own perspective is this: Every single entity is a part of the creator. Doing positive actions, you also do positive to yourself, the same applying to negative.

See your best friend? See the creator. See your lover? See the creator. See your school professor or boss? See the creator. See a beggar in the street? See the creator. Look into the eyes of someone, and you will see right into their very soul, and the creator. Look at yourself in the mirror, see the creator. There has been many conflicted messages about loving all and seeking the creator, due to those in positions of power who in my opinion distorted the original message from many religious prophets.

Science has recognized to a degree the expansion of the universe and the eventual collapse back into itself again, which supports the idea of the one infinite creator expanding, with everything eventually working it’s way back to the creator, to begin the cycle again. My own spirit guidance described it to me a few years ago like a ‘lung’ that breathes in and out, experiencing all it can of itself.

I respect both the logical and abstract parts of the mind, for both parts have their uses. Whatever your religion, spiritual belief or core belief system, we are all on this gameboard we call life. All from what I have found in my own journey, to make a choice in this world. I will elaborate in the next paragraph, note that under free will you are free to accept/reject any information, and that is crucial you take what feels right to you on your path back to the creator and discard all else.

What is this choice? Its seems to be to pick a polarity. This polarity can be one of the two polarities, service-to-others or service-to-self. Positive or negative, light and dark, good and evil, or whatever you wish to call said path. Those who have not yet built up enough polarity to have chosen, seem to live lives again and again until they do.

One of these paths is radiant, radiates to all others in love, light, compassion, path to unity. The second, aims to separate you from all else, so that it is just ‘you and the creator’ to the exclusion of all else. Or you may be undecided, and be comfortable not doing either of these things. Whatever path you may do, will involve serving the creator.  It does seem like beyond a certain point of spiritual evolution, the negative polarity is abandoned. How can you unify with all, yet be separated from all?

It seems that many are hell-bent on trying to get negative entities to switch themselves to positive, but the best thing we can do is be of service to those who need us and to the one creator. This can be as simple as a morning prayer/worship/sending of love and light to people, a communion in your church, a loving exchange, arranging a party, helping a beggar. Any way you feel is appropriate, if it is done of the intention to serve others.

A small example like today in the phillipines, me and my partner handed out mints to everyone in a Jeepney. It can be as simple as smiling at people and feeling joy.

I find that you can observe situations in your life and then see if you can/cannot be of service. This can be as simple as being in a shopping queue, you have a full trolley and someone has one item, do you let them in front? Do you make way for someone in traffic? Do you offer someone the last snack? Do you offer help to a beggar in need? As you begin to polarize and build up potential, you will find your life overall may become full of joy, in the case of the positive path. It is my guess that the negative path feels empowerment on it’s own path in it’s own way, although i may use the word empowerment.

I write this article from a bias of service-to-others, naturally. I believe that we are all aspects of one infinite whole creator, and that we are all seeking to be unified with all, and the creator. So, what is there to fight? Love another as you love yourself, love, live, and shine. It is my opinion that Love is the key that will ultimately end conflict and harmonize any planet, including this one.

Love to you all my brothers and sisters, whatever your belief system!


Two Souls United Once More

So it has been quite a long time, yet seems like no time at all. Since entering third density cycle in the time of Atlantis, 10,000 years plus of space/time ago that I am united in physical body with this beautiful soul. We have been sat at 4AM in the kitchen of a hotel in the Philippines. Jet-Lag is fun in this case.

Incarnation in third density is not without risk, that the forgetting can result in you somehow getting trapped in the third density cycle. This is indeed what happened here, confirmed from multiple sources concerning me and this soul. He was part of my fourth-density social memory complex.

The separation was intense mental catalyst for Ian as we discovered during a Channelling Session of April 2 this year (to be uploaded), who chose to incarnate in third-density in an effort to help me open my heart and achieve service to others; this was a planned meeting to happen at the right time. This is something we are both consciously aware of. As it happens, I had already gone pretty far towards service to others, and now we can both spend the next few years melding together and then entering into active service on a wider scale, in the meantime being of service to others and the one creator on smaller projects and with each other.

One of the first things I learned about this beautiful soul was how he has given during times of poverty his last meal to someone else; he always has focused on this aspect, of course that drew my interest like a moth to a flame, at the time I was in full awareness of the service to others path and attempting to polarize further towards the positive, I have spent my entire spiritual path attempting to do just that since the age of 14.

There is no one way to be of service to others, but to simply love, live and help others in whatever way you see fit, in 51% or greater of your thoughts, actions and deeds. This does not mean you don’t need leisure time also!

Typical of fourth-density, both of us have an abounding compassion for others. I have learned more wisdom, where he has a more pure expression of the green-ray. For me and him are in many ways helping balance each other out regarding extreme compassion and wisdom. These experiences we can have in third density can help set a foundation for fifth-density work.

Taking a fourth-density or higher wanderer into third density will increase the potency of many lessons manifold, many thousands of years of lifetimes can be compacted into a single lifetime worth of lessons in third density if you penetrate the forgetting, primarily due to the veiling.

No experience will be as potent as this. I love and adore this soul, and what greater act of self-sacrifice than to come into this density to help me out of it (at the time, I am aware this was 3 lifetimes ago). And also to be of service to others. And then be able to penetrate the forgetting, nicely.

We left some food at the restaurant, the first idea he had was to take the remains out to a beggar lady who promptly begun to devour it. This is the level of service to others, of this soul.

Now, for us both to be of service to the one creator, lets live, and love!

The Beginning

What is a beginning? What is an end?

There is no beginning, and there is no end.

All is one, one is all.

Let’s love and live, live and love.

In the love of all things,

The Love Of The One Creator.




Kellys Channeling with Jake – April 1, 2018 – Polarity, The Monkey Mind, Love, Ralpsa, The Lion People

Channeling Details:

Channel: Kelly

Questioner/Support(s): Jake

Date: April 1, 2018

Time: 23:00 (Approx) GMT

Entities Involved: Ralpsa, Pleidian Social Memory Complex, The Lion People.

Session Duration: 1 Hour, 30 Minutes.

Introduction from Jacob

This is one of the first light trance voice channeling sessions Kelly had carried out. I had gone up to visit in person which is uncommon, we usually do the work on the phone and nominally I have been the channel and she the questioner until very recently where she has begun to channel more.

This session I asked queries about the monkey mind, thoughts and polarity, Ralpsa came through Kelly for the first time. The Lion Group then came through, a Sixth Density social memory complex Kelly had experience long ago.

It was discussing Kelly writing and inspired thought which to her is a crucial method of sharing. This will be how kelly shares many of her experiences on the group and here.

It also discusses as part of the session what can happen if you ask questions the channel may be biased with which happened here, although this can be minimized by deeper trances or a method like Carla used during the Law Of One sessions.

I had questions regarding the Monkey Mind, the part of the mind that has random thoughts come/go not all of which may be consistent with your positive path.

There will be a tape recording of the channeling available for listening here.

I asked a couple of questions regarding the adlantian healing crystals me and kelly are currently obtaining. Those crystals, the sessions which channeled them etc are to be placed in their own section in this site due to their specificity and importance.

Tape recordings of all channeling will be placed at the bottom of the page, including all dialog.

Introduction from Kelly




Pleiadean SMC – Pleadean Social Memory Complex. SMC stands for social memory complex.

The Lion People – The Lion People

Ral  – Ralpsa

Kelly / Jake – Dialog that was not channeling.


Questioner(Jake): Are you of the light?

Guidance(via Kelly) Nods (Uh Hum)

Jake: Is it appropriate for us to have this session today?

Guidance(via Kelly): Yes (nodding)

Jake: Do you feel there is anything that is worthy of discussion in your opinions?

Kelly: 1 second… right… I am looking at the chair, usually when they are looking at the chair there is someone that wants to come forward, is that right?

Guidance(via Kelly): Yes (nodding), who is this person

Jake(thoughts): I feel ral.

Kelly: What I seem to be getting is that it is ral, he wants to work through me:

Jake: I thought that

Ral(Via Kelly): Welcome, friend. It has been a long while since you and I have communicated quite in a way like this. This is different, to what we have done in this… in your lifetime… In this… your physical incarnation. This session will help Kelly with her own channeling ability… as we are so close in vibration and we are already friends. How do you feel about this new way of us communicating?

Jake: I think it is a very good idea, happy and calm inside I feel

Ral(Via Kelly): Just having a look about… <Pause as kellys head looks about, eyes shut>, hm… it all seems very nice.

Jake: Seems quite adequate, doesn’t it?

Ral(Via Kelly): There is plenty love in here.

Kelly: This is me now, I am thinking there will be more when I get the love lamp guys! *Jake and Kelly laughing*, sorry ill step back.


Ral(Via Kelly): Kelly has asked that I explain how it is easy for her to step forward and step back, this is because she is a conscous channel. She does not go into a trance-like state. She is very present, and very much in control. And it is important for her and her path and her choices that she is able to do this. This means she can channel when alone, although it is always really advisable to have someone of the other end of the telephone so that… if there was a problem, she would have energetic assistance.

Is there anything you would like to discuss?

Jake: There is actually, first of all when I have channelled you alone, have I done it in an adequate way

Ral(Via Kelly): We have always put in place the adequate protections. We have always took steps to ensure both of our safety.

Jake: I take it the monkey mind does not cause as many problems as I thought?

Ral(Via Kelly): The monkey mind is…

Kelly: Hang on.

Ral(Via Kelly): It is way to understand how our thoughts can become erratic and interfere. But you are able to reduce the power it holds over you when you understand it is just a concept.

Kelly: I am not really sure what he is going on about

Jake: Can it be used to learn the self?

Ral(Via Kelly): Everything can be used as a tool, the monkey mind doesn’t really give a true depiction of who you are, they are simply random thoughts sometimes, the true power comes by not attaching to the random thoughts that the monkey mind can produce. They are not you, they are simply passing thoughts, the true power comes in knowing this and allowing them to pass through and only attaching to the ones that actually have some emotional, true emotional weight behind them. Not every thought that passes through your mind is yours to keep, you get to choose which of those thoughts are relevant and important enough to gain your focus. The ones that are not, you should just allow to flow through like water through a sieve.

Jake: So when we are talking about the mind the mind in general, some thoughts that come in are like a river from infinity, and you decide you re. you use what thoughts come through to choose your polarity if you are doing it consciously? Is that a true statement?

Ral(Via Kelly): Every choice you make chooses your polarity. Each choice goes towards the overall decision weather it be your thoughts, your actions, your choices. But yes… the thoughts you choose to sit with and own as your own will indeed have an effect on your polarity and your energy signature or output rather in general, your frequency which determines who you truly are, who you are choosing to be, your thoughts are very important in your overall demeanour your overall effect on the world around you and everybody in it. But passing, fleeting thoughts of the monkey mind does not make the man. Only those you choose to put some sort of weight and focus behind, those are the true thoughts that matter.

Jake: And this is how the mind is used to choose, is that how the mind is used to choose in the way you have described?

Ral(Via Kelly): Yes

Jake: Okay, that’s an interesting take on the mind I am very interested in that, um, now before we continue is there anything we can do to enhance this communication to make Kelly more comfortable and at her ease?

Ral(Via Kelly): I feel that things are moving along quite well. Maybe…

Kelly: I think I need to drink water can you pass me the water please? I wont open my eyes or anything…

*Jake passes Kelly charged water precharged before the session*

Jake: I sometimes do that, its why I charge it ahead of time

Kelly: Crikey, cheers I’ll go back…

Kelly: Can you see anything on an energy level when we channel?

Jake: I see a connection between our heart chakras. I see a down arrow when it downloads and I can see a red arrow when I can transmit. Like symbolism.

<Dialog between me and Kelly>

Jake: Can you feel ral’s temperament?

Kelly: I am not sure. Remember to do the challenge again.

Jake: As always

Jake: Are you of the light?

Ral(Via Kelly): Yes brother.

Jake: Would the regulation crystal we learned about be good for this session, the one we use for a circle?

Ral(Via Kelly): Yes

Kelly: Whos this? Is this still ral? Ask

Jake: Who is the entity talking, are you of the light

Pleiadean SMC(Via Kelly): I am of the light. I work in the name of love.

Pleiadean SMC(Via Kelly): Ral is still here… we have communicated in this way with this vessel before. We are many.

Jake: What name did you use with me? Give me the first letter.

Pleiadean SMC(Via Kelly): P… We have not communicated with you through this vessel before. But we have communicated with Brian many times in the past. We are old friends.

Jake: Okay, what have you come to discuss?

Pleiadean SMC(Via Kelly): We have come mainly to practice and to take this opportunity to blend with the vessel in this way. It has been far too long. This is a rare opportunity these days.

Kelly: They are Pleiadean.

Jake: Might be…

Pleiadean SMC(Via Kelly): Kelly is asking if we still work with her on her path on her path way. And we do. We are never far away, even when she is taking part in very earthly activities. We still benefit and enjoy watching everything that goes on. Sometimes… we are required to step back a little. <Jake sips water> but we are never far away.

Jake: Okay… Are you part of our social memory complex?

Pleiadean SMC(Via Kelly): Yes brother.

Jake: Okay…

Pleiadean SMC(Via Kelly): Kelly doesn’t really understand what you just asked.

Jake: sometimes it is the best way, I will explain it in full detail later.

Pleiadean SMC(Via Kelly): That is indeed brother.

Jake: Do you feel, you mentioned the melding process with her vessel, what process are you taking for that?

Pleiadean SMC(Via Kelly): We are broadcasting ourselves through Kelly’s energy field. Kelly is asking if we fully enter her energy field. We do not. We broadcast down through… hm… like… an antenna. It reaches up from her crown and brow chakra and throat is also involved.

Kelly: The thought I am getting is, my heart is as well. I will try and step back a bit, im really interested, im listening hard.

Jake: Did you want me to ask, say I will ask for you if you want.

Kelly: Uh huh, im just gonna step back hang on.

Kelly: Ok

Jake: Okay, first of all, the usual, are you of the light

Pleiadean SMC(Via Kelly): We are.

Jake: Okay, um.. we are, kelly was asking how her art and inspired thought come through. I take it that it is using the same method, is that a true statement?

Pleiadean SMC(Via Kelly): Yes… her inspired thought is a huge part of how she works in the world. When she consciously connects to her higher levels, she can share great wisdom this also happens in random conversations sometimes she will just say exactly what needs to be said. We work through her in this way. It is an agreement we have made.

Jake: Okay… Um… And I take it this particular method of communicating allows abstract concepts to be broadcast in a much more efficient way?

Pleiadean SMC(Via Kelly): It is simple thought transference, when Kelly trusts in herself and doesn’t let her mind interfere, this is a very pure channel of communication, Kelly has always doubted herself and her abilities because in comparison to others abilities such as your own, they can seem very subtle and natural but that is the beauty of it because it is doesn’t interfere with her own life, she is able to simply go about her day and shine her light and share our wisdom which is also her own of course.

Jake: Talking about wisdom, are some of you our fifth density teachers?

Pleiadean SMC(Via Kelly): Some of us are… most of us are. We are one, we are many. We come together as a group quite often, so this purpose we enjoy the task.

Jake: Okay, I take it these sessions are not the sort of sessions many wanderers appear to have atm… Sorry that wasn’t a question

Jake: Um… How… Why is it that not many wanderers are able to communicate in this way, is it due to path choices, self-doubt, or is the human condition making this difficult for many?

Pleiadean SMC(Via Kelly): We all wonder, and marvel at those of you who have successfully managed to open your channels of communication with us as the environment you are living in is very difficult. It er.. it is a mass of negative emotion and turmoil for many, many people are distracted by all of those things that hm… keeps them bound to simply experiencing em… a human condition, when you are all so much more. It is a true achievement to have reached these levels in your personal growth and many have. Alas, many have not. But those who have are bringing about great changes and energy and frequency level we are pleased with this development.

Jake: I take it, and correct in saying that choosing to come in third density and experiencing the forgetting cannot be a risky endeavour, but requires caution, is this a true statement?

Pleiadean SMC(Via Kelly): Yes… it requires caution and much deliberation and conscious awareness of all of the risks that are involved with such a choice, but many have done this and managed to exceed all expectations. Every soul who sends a portion of themselves down here, is not expected to remember who they are, only some come with that goal as part of their learning here. Many come simply to experience the separation, that too is very, very important in the growth of a soul.

Jake: Okay, now before we continue, how is the current energy levels of Kelly, how is the current energy levels of Kelly? How are the communication lines atm? Anything we should be aware of? *jake sips water*

Pleiadean SMC(Via Kelly): We are finding this method to be working very well. There are no problems at the moment. We will alert you if we feel the vessel is beginning to tire, and knowing Kelly, she will also tell us.

Jake: Okay, makes sense, thought it would be worth asking.

Pleiadean SMC(Via Kelly): Thank you, brother.

Jake: Now… When we do sessions like this, is the questioner also acting as an energetic support or anything similar?

Pleiadean SMC(Via Kelly): Often, this is the case. Tonight, you and your presence is assisting on many levels, firstly Kelly would not have done this if you were not here because she spends all of her time with liam. He is helping her in many other ways, many other things are occurring with that connection, this one however you provide her with comfort and reassurance that she is safe. You are also providing energy for this session as she does when you channel, because to some degree your energies are creating a sacred space even when you do this kind of work over your telephones. Does this make sense to you brother?

Jake: Yes it does. Could you explain the connection right now that is happening between our green ray or our heart chakras?

Pleiadean SMC(Via Kelly): Youuuu are in a sense broadcasting in a similar way that we are. You are broadcasting to each other, so you are able to sense what we are communicating also, not just hear it verbally through our mouths. Kelly is asking why she has just been shown a four. And the reason for this is, because all four upper chakras are being used in this communication.

Jake: OKay… that makes sense to me. Could you guys explain to me, this is a bit of a question of my own, what has been causing the feelings of blockages around my heart and lower heart? Its almost like I have problems expressing love in the way I want sometimes?

Pleiadean SMC(Via Kelly): The human vessel makes it very difficult to express the potency of love that you wish to express. This… um… makes you doubt weather you are expressing love at all, and this my friend is what is causing the blockage. Your… Your… Inability to ground and express the frequency you wish to ground and express is causing doubt and frustrations, but please be do not despair. Never doubt the love you share, and you will remain clear for the most part.

Jake: Is this what Ian is teaching me?

Pleiadean SMC(Via Kelly): This is a very important lesson for you to learn. Ian is helping with this, you are here to have a human experience too. So try not to despair that the love you share is not of the frequency you are used to sharing, when you are in your spirit form. You cannot share that in a limited physical vehicle, it is just is not possible.

Jake: Would it cause, if you embodied it too much, cause what happens when you take certain recreational drugs, the one I’ve been reading about (MDMA) that comedown because the physical bodies’ ability is drained?

Pleiadean SMC(Via Kelly): It is not quite the same. Your mechanisms in your etheric body would not be able to withstand the amount.. um.. um… the frequency of the love that you express and share when in true spirit form. The drugs and chemicals you were reading about before have a very um… physical effect on the physical body, which in turn can affect the energy, but when we are talking about the love that is making its way down from the higher dimensions into the lower so it is similar but in the reverse. It would not make it all the way down to physical per se.

Jake: <Sips drink> Okay, that is interesting to know that is from the etheric body, that I had not considered. Erm… Me and ian seem to have an extremely high capacity to transfer love, I take it a green ray energy transfer in its most purest form possible here, that propels you forward in your growth each time you do it?

Kelly: I am just trying to step back

Jake: I am just gonna rephrase that as well.

Kelly: Go on then…

Jake: I notice that despite the limitations of the physical vehicle to express love in a pure form, me and ian seem to have it in a very intense way, I take it how we are expressing it at the moment, that is within the limits of the physical vehicle?

Pleiadean SMC(Via Kelly): Yes, but… this ability will expand and it will become more intense liken it to building a muscle only these are your mechanisms that allow you to function in this way.

Jake: So my blockage has been caused by… trying to go too far too quickly?

Pleiadean SMC(Via Kelly): Yes. You are a human being having a human experience and to rush this process would not only be impossible, but it would in fact, destroy the journey. Do you understand this brother?

Jake: yes. When people take things too far too quickly, let in too much light, is that what happened to Daniel?

Pleiadean SMC(Via Kelly): This is one of the many aspects of what happened to Daniel. But Daniel is a complex case. It was not just one thing with Daniel. Daniel made many conscious choices that affected the route his life and stability were to take.

Jake: Was I correct in saying he was part of our social memory group?

Jake spots a red light at this point, and the word ‘error’ in the third eye.

Jake: I am detecting an error

Kelly: Uh Hum… I do.. I think I need to step back…

Jake: It is like watching a modem seeing lights change as things come in an out… Okay…

Kelly: I want you to challenge and ask if it is the same people

Jake: Yes, and also a new connection formed between us. Are you guys of the light, is it the same person, or entity, or group of entities.

Pleiadean SMC(Via Kelly): We are of the light. We work in the name of love. We are the same group, however different members have come to the forefront to work in this way as we are better suited to answer the current line of questioning.

Jake: Okay, before we continue, what suddenly caused the connection that has just appeared in mine and kelly’s blue ray connections, a connection has been formed here now.

Pleiadean SMC(Via Kelly): We are communicating on more and more levels. You will be able to be connected to this communication deeper than you were before. Then you will be more connected to what will be most approaches to be asking for what we wish to get across and what you guys need to know on a soul level. It will be a more complete connection, does this make sense to you brother?

Jake: For the most part. Yes.

Pleiadean SMC(Via Kelly): It is very difficult to get things across in the way we wish to sometimes. This is what makes the extra connections helpful.

Jake: Okay, what I am going to do is keep the questing off of Daniel, apart from the last one just to confirm is he part of the social memory group.

Pleiadean SMC(Via Kelly, Corrupted): He is slightly different to what you… Class… as the social…


Third Eye Imagery: Jake sees error of data corruption symbolism

Kelly: I am feeling like theres…

Jake: Im picking up an error, there is corruption corruption.

Kelly: Aye, I feel like we are not meant to talk about that

Jake: No maybe not, okay, lets um… lets put that back… erm.. sorry… more curiosity that was, lets reconnect again, do you wish me to challenge again?

Kelly: Hang on a second <sips water>. Aye, that started to make an icky in my solar plexus.

Jake: Sorry, okay is it  clear

Jake: Just giving it a quick blast, sorry it was just curiosity. Not good use of the energy is it?

Kelly: always challenge

Jake: Are you of the light? Are you the same group?

Kelly: two ticks just getting settled <jake sips water>

Pleiadean SMC(Via Kelly): Yes, we are of the light… we choose love. We work with you both.

Jake: What I am going to do, you guys said you had a message and communicate with us, so rather than me ask questions, what did you originally come forward to discuss, I feel that is a good use of the energy available at this time.

Pleiadean SMC(Via Kelly): We rarely get a chance to simply speak. And that is okay… because you have many queries and many questions that you wish to know the answer to. We also have things we wish to share with you both. Your work together is very important, you are both part of a bigger plan that is being carried out across the entire planet at this point in time. We have members of our group working on many different projects such as yours and to each of those they seem just small, and little projects that are using their own abilities and passions to create and it feels easy, and that is the way it should be for this time of work because when it taps into your easiest methods of working, it makes it pure. It shouldn’t be difficult.

We have come tonight to chat with you both so that you are aware of the importance of what you are both doing.

Jake: Okay… <Sips water short pause> Anything more you wish to add?

Pleiadean SMC(Via Kelly): We are happy that we have said all we came to say. There is another group who would wish to come forward and speak you both. If you would permit this.

Jake: Yep I would say that is completely fine, as long as they come in love and light *chuckle*.

Pleiadean SMC(Via Kelly): We will take our leave now.

Pleiadean SMC(Via Kelly): God bless you both. And all that you are doing.

Jake: Well once we walk through the doorway after many years of space and time, we will see you in the flesh, we will see you and speak before that.

Pleiadean SMC(Via Kelly): Namaste.

Jake: Namaste.

<Silence on tape as switching to The Lion Group>

Jake: Is everything all right?

Kelly: Uh Hum..

Jake: Were these for you and me?

The Lion People (Via Kelly): We are the Lion People, we are for you both.

Jake: <Sips water> The lion people did I hear it correct?

The Lion People (Via Kelly): Yes..

Jake: The lion people Never heard of that before?

The Lion People (Via Kelly): We work for the greater good of all beings. We have never communicated with the vessel in this way. We have shown her ourselves when she was deep in meditation many years ago.

Jake: Do you come and love light and unity?

The Lion People (Via Kelly): We do. We work for the pure divine creator.

Jake: What density are you from?

The Lion People (Via Kelly): We are from sixth density.

Jake: I gathered, that’s why I changed the challenge. Um what have you come to discuss? What is the name you go by, if there is name? <sips water>

The Lion People (Via Kelly): The vessel struggles with bringing through names. But she would associate with us being from Lyra.

Jake: Okay, what have you come to discuss with us? What information or discussions do you wish to have with us.

The Lion People (Via Kelly): We came primarily for the experience of communicating in this way. This is new for us and for Kelly. We wish to work with her more, we wish for her to share our wisdom in the way she does so well. <Jake sips water> So when she connects to right she can connect to us consciously.

Jake: What a good achievement

Jake: Okay, can you please give some insight, like what is the purpose of these workings on our path, are we going to do future ones?

The Lion People (Via Kelly):  Many opportunities will present themselves if you are in alignment with those you have the potential to do great things. We can not talk for too long.

Jake: I am sensing that, this is… okay… wha… for Kelly what is the best way to improve this contact and make her at her ease when we are channelling your density. Is there anything she should do in that?

[Telepathy to Jake]: Sees/hears housekeeping

The Lion People (Via Kelly): General Housekeeping.

Jake: I heard that

The Lion People (Via Kelly): Being maintained is all she requires.

Jake: Okay…

The Lion People (Via Kelly): And of course, practice in connecting to us when she writes. We like to work with her in that way and every time we do, we will become more adept and her mechanisms will become stronger.

Jake: Okay… So you know how far to take this, how many queries can you answer before we should take leave?

Kelly: I…

The Lion People (Via Kelly): We should only have 3 more.

Jake: <Sips water> What we are channeling regarding the adlantean crystals, is that coming throguh in the fashion it has been intended?

The Lion People (Via Kelly): Can you clarify your question?

Jake: The workings me and Kelly have done with the Saldika and Ra group regarding the adlantean healing crystals, is that happening in the way we have intended? Is it happening in the least distorted way possible?

The Lion People (Via Kelly): Yes, there will always be distortions but your guidance are adept at working with those distortions and use them to their own advantage. They are familiar with them so can work with you in the best way possible.

Jake: So is it adequate enough?

The Lion People (Via Kelly): Kelly is asking a question. She is asking if it is safe and appropriate to channel us when she is alone. Our answer to this, is yes, but only when writing or if she has yourself or someone similar, on the telephone <jake sips> to voice channel in this manner will be unwise if she was not working with another adept such as yourself.

Jake: Okay. Now I will put Kelly in the driving seat if she has anything more she would like to ask yourselves.

The Lion People (Via Kelly): Kelly is asking… If we were actually from Lyra, and she asked if the adlantean healing crystals originated in Lyra, our answer to that is yes we are from Lyra, We are from lyra, we are a group mind, a planetary mind of evolved beings who <inaudible> in lyra. We were the lion people, there were other beings from lyra who were not lion people. We are Lion people.

Jake: Lion people…

The Lion People (Via Kelly): We… We… Cannot comment too much on the crystals, that work is not for us.

Jake: I sense this is getting very difficult for Kelly, I sense heartburn, bit of an odd warning

The Lion People (Via Kelly): Kelly is okay but we think it is time for us to take our leave. And this session has been remarkable for us, we have waited a very long time for this and we are joyus that this time has come. Thank you, brother.

Jake: Not a problem, love and light, merry meet again.

<Dialogue between me and Kelly>

Channeling Tape

Here is a copy of the channeling tape. This is unedited, but is converted from the original 127kbps m4a file to a 48kbps MP3 file for the purpose of the site to reduce disk space usage. The quality is slightly lower than the original, if you wish to hear the originals, we will be happy to provide the original file.


File Type: MPEG – Layer 3

Bitrate: 48Kbps

Recording Device: Sony XZ Premium Smartphone – Stereo

Edited/Abridged: No





Dazna is an interesting entity, and one who gave me very indepth insight into fourth-density thought patterns. This entity is one who came to me during childhood and was very care free and would burst with Love. He would sometimes come in car journeys or on some travels. He was interested in making friends across the cosmos is seems. I have no prior experience in past lives or otherwise with said entity.

During my travel session of 18 March, 2018 I would visit the Planet ‘Zika’ and end up on a farm. This entity was present and showed me that at fourth density does farming, and some fourth density also eat meat to a limited state, with the animals treated with intense love and compassion. Meat seems only eaten to an extent required by their physical metabolism, and many will not do so or not require it. Weather meat is consumed later in fourth density remains to be seen. Fourth Density carries lifetimes of 90,000 years approximately in length according to Ra, with many millions of years before graduation on average, as we would measure time.

He would show me the farm and took me on what looked like a pedal bike but had no pedals; it was powered by crystals by a means I cannot understand. He took me to his house deep in the hills and the outside lamp was on, it was late afternoon.  The lamp was a glowing crystal, and he could not understand the concept of electricity, nor was it used here.

It seems like before entry into their house they would knock on the door, not unlike what Chinese culture does before entering a hotel. This varies by individual, but it is considered still ‘polite’ to knock in this particular planets social memory complex.

He sat me down on a sofa and me him and Ral had general chit chat. He fed me a ‘broth’ or blue liquid designed to invoke calm and feelings of compassion. It would be that planets equivalent of inviting you for a ‘cup of tea’.

Through this discussion, he said he does not understand or feel Wisdom is required and finds it an absurd idea, ironically in the same way many on our planet find treating all others with love is absurd. Love and forgiveness is the graduation requirement of third density, wisdom being the path of fifth density. He advised me he was a recent graduate. Ral confirmed his statement onto this typical early fourth density view of wisdom.

Kelly would find this ridiculous and would query her own guidance with this on tape, and would find to her surprise they would return an answer equal to what Dazna had said. She was incredulous.

You can acquire lessons to help you towards fifth density wisdom during third-density wandering, although it is not for third density entities to try and be too ‘wise’ with only love for all things to a 51% service to others ratio being required. This entity also felt a calling for to service to others.

Seems like this is an entire social relationship.



Ralpsa was probably one of the first spiritual entities I came into contact with early on in my path. I had a dream about incarnating in other third-density worlds with someone whom I worked with much. The dream in question involved a race who had been enslaved to mining below ground, we subsequently escaped said density. We had done much fourth density work, and he was part of the same social memory group.

I became convinced this was an entity worthy of attempting to contact and made a discovery he was my main spirit guide. Odd sensation this is to realize he is an incarnate fourth-density entity, who works with me via projection of his self. The manifestation presented to me and to other seekers who have observed his presence is a geek type guy with glasses always with a green shirt.

I learned the use of the third eye via working with Ral, and would often after learning mind-to-mind communicate. He is the entity i probably give trust to above all others when attempting to connect with spirit and has always been a comfort in this regard.

He has a very hyper/loving personality, loving characteristic of fourth density, although with a strong seeking towards fifth density. Us incarnate from our soul group all came here around mid-fourth density. It was he who made me aware it took me several years to do anything other than talk business/spiritual seeking as opposed to ‘general’ chit chat. He has a high thought of safety and also a desire to speak off the clock, and has discussed matters from spiritual safety, general seeking questions, to sexual discussions of human and fourth-density sexuality.

I would base a character of the same name from Ralpsa in my book ‘we have each other’ which I wrote at 16. This entity is whom I would class as one of my best spiritual friends and we share a closeness.

Me and Ralpsa have gone on mental projection sessions to other fourth-density planets. We were followed only by other guides sometimes and my cat Dodi once joined us on one of these via projection.

This said cat years later was able to tell me her time of death via projecting to me as she begun to leave, resulting in me calling my mother who had not yet called me to tell me she was dying, her exact time of death (observing the astral cord snapping).

Me and Ral have visited areas in the Seven Sisters among other things, often for leisure, or to learn something. Working with Ral was also used to strengthen abilities. He was not the only one who took part on this but took a primary role.

He has also saved my physical life on at least one occasion. I used to take photos from UK trains and would hang outside of the open train door window and take photographs.

He one day put his hand up in my third eye view in front of the door and told me not to, mere seconds later a train flew past exactly where my head would have been. The third eye is not like seeing the entity there as another physical being for me, nor is it like a ‘minds eye’ it is almost like a separate field of visual perception that somehow can be superimposed mentally, but it is not like something you imagine, or minds eye vision, the extra visual preceptor is hard to describe. This uses the indigo / third eye ray. I would later discover the pineal gland which is often significant to many spiritual cultures, contains visual perceptors.

Often spirit guides will ensure events fall in a protective manner in the event it is not ‘time’ for your physical death. This can be as simple as an inspired thought, to something as direct as that. He has also been present while I have explored other aspects of my life and has always been open to communicate.

At first, Ral would nod and shake his head as I refined the ability. The third eye would resemble in its early days like a choppy movie shot at a low FPS, although has increased in clarity over many years of use since early teens.

He does not have the fifth density traits of wisdom. This was evidenced during channeling sessions where he has felt our fifth and sixth density guides would probably be able to communicate, but would check with them to find they would reject the session due to insufficient energy or otherwise.

It is also via workings with Ral i have been able to confirm the LL Research’s information on fourth density catalyst being mental. The main difficulty they seem to have, which he is not immune to, is intense shows of emotion or otherwise distress, not anger. A primary difference being a strong distortion towards love and balancing mental catalyst with other members of the social memory group, and even myself. He seems to understand the importance of wisdom, which is not characteristic of fourth-density entities early on in fourth density based on my experiences and discussions with Ral and Dazna (an early fourth density entity).

Communicating with Ral uses much less vital energies and as such for general seeking matters, he is the one I communicate with. Fifth and Sixth density is often more difficult in terms of energy and balancing required as they are further away from third density and require more precise tuning to pick up. Ral is also the entity who is often with me when I travel out and leave the earth Quarantine, which I have done on multiple occasions.

Ralpsa has only channeled via Kelly once, but has spoken mind to mind with multiple people and manifested in different ways, taking the same form. He has been able to morph his form into other forms, often for humor.

I would have no problems communicating with Ral even during my early social/spiritual awakening in my school days, and actually he proved a great aid in helping me overcome many of the difficulties associated with my mental health.

List of taped sessions with Ral present


All in all, one of my best friends <3

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