Welcome to the Seekers Lighthouse site and blog. This is a blog about spiritual seeking on the positive path. It is designed to be universal across all religions/belief systems, and offers both objective and subjective observations of spiritual sciences, spiritual discussions, my own spiritual path and my blog posts, and posts of others, channelings, spiritual news. Most importantly of all, it contains information and experiences regarding love and spiritual evolution. This includes Love which as I understand it, isĀ  the key driving force for everything, including the key to our progression as a species.

This blog has been created as an information recourse on the topic of spiritual evolution and seeking, to help aid other seekers and wanderers on their path. It also is to be a place of safety, with a facebook group and discussion forum where we can share our own personal spiritual paths, discussions and opinions without judgement.

Note that under your free will you may accept/reject any information you see fit.

This blog is currently under construction and the theme etc will vary, but you can subscribe to updates via email etc and begin reading our stuff right away!

This site will contain:

We hope you find this material both informative, inspiring and something which helps you on your seeking. If you wish to learn more about my background and why i started this blog, visit the ‘About Me’ Page. The navigation bar to the right has different blog categories and information which you may wish to read. If you would like to read some of the spiritual teachings/information here, visit the information library page.

We also have an official facebook group.

Love and light to you all, brothers and sisters!